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Burning a disk Spanning disks


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I have read through the forums. I have a couple BD recorders, built into a laptop and a few LG drives in desktops. I read that LG was not a good drive for dual layer, which If would have know this before I would have bought something else.. But anyway, I have never burned a BD disk. So I have a program that is 55gb in size. I found Smartbuy 10-disc 50gb 6x Blu-ray Bd-r Dl Dual Layer Double Layer White Inkjet Hub Printable for about 1.89 a disk in a 10 pack on amazon. I would need to span across 2 disks. I also found 50 Verbatim Blu Ray 25 Gb Bd-r Single Layer 6x Speed Original Spindle Printable Blueray at 1.39 per disk and have to span 3 disks. Both will cost me 4 dollars to burn this project.

My question is can I just drag the 55gb folder into the IMG burn software and it will span the disks? Or if I create an image file, will it span the disk? Back in the old days of floppy disks, if the file was to big for the disk it would span disks. I hope this is the case for blu ray..  If not, then I probably will never use the burner aspect of my drives which is a shame and buy a large external HD and store files there.


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No it won't span the discs. It'll burn till the disc is full and then error out, or error out from the start because the disc isn't large enough. You'll either need to shrink it, or use a triple layer blank and those are $$$$.


BD50's don't actually hold 50Gb, the actual size is 45.5


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