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How to burn files with UDF on a BD-R XL Tripple layer 100GB Disk?


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Dear Folks,


I hope I don't ask something where there is an answer already. I have tried to find an answer but couldn't. So bear with me if I asked again.


I have a Windows7x64 System with an HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH10L30 1.01 (ATA) RW drive from LG and a 100GB BD-R XL Tripple Layer 100GB Disk. I want to store some files on it using UDF formating. ImgBurn shows me that I still have some GB left from the approx. 94GB space. I have set the paramter on UDF (I tried all versions) and I set the paramter for large files.

Problem is the "BURN DISK" logo stay grey shadowed, so I can not start the process.

How can I find out what's wrong?

Thank you for looking into this.

Best regards





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