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Boot Image field in ImgBurn (Advanced tab)


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I am trying to follow this useful tutorial:


Under the Advanced tab as per the tutorial, I have the following: (ImgBurn2)

So far, so good. However, I have had to leave the Boot Image field blank and so I get this message: (ImgBurn1)

because I am not sure which file to select in my Win XP Pro folder which looks like this:

Which file should I be selecting in that folder, please, to go into the Boot Image field under the Advanced tab in ImgBurn?

Thank you.







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I think you first need to use the Extract a boot image feature from that screen.  You will need a bootable XP floppy disk or CD inserted and use that feature on that drive.  Or maybe using C: might work.  Then, put that extracted file into the Boot Image field.

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Do you mean for me to insert a CD with Win XP Pro on it (I have it on a CD and on the desktop in a folder), or do you mean for me to insert a blank CD in the CD tray?

Am I attempting to extract BootImage from my installation files on the desktop and save it to a blank CD?

What should be the file extension of the BootImage file, please, because I will go through the XP Pro files and folders to see if it's there.Sorry, I am a bit confused.

Please disregard those two attachments - I can't seem to delete them

Thanks again




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Yes, if you have a bootable CD with Windows XP on it, like an installation disc, put that in and point the Extract Boot Image to the CD drive, which you appear to have already done.  Then press the little blue floppy disk icon to extract the boot image from the CD.


I haven't done it a while, but I believe the boot image file will have an extension of either .IMA or .IMG.  You will need to save this file to somewhere on a media like an HDD or flash drive.  Then, use that file in the Boot Image field.

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You're going too off track here.  The Boot files are not found on the "visible" CD.  It's actually in a "hidden" area of the CD only visible when you boot it.  So, you must use the Extract Boot File to get access to it.  With the XP CD in the CD drive, point Extract Boot File to the CD drive with the drop down interface.  Then press the blue floppy disk icon.  This will extract the boot file you'll need to add to the Boot Image field.


Also note that tutorial you're following doesn't cover XP.  It covers Windows 7 as the earliest version it works with.  So, things won't be the same.


Also note, I've NEVER gotten ANY boot discs to work with ImgBurn, so I can't be of much help.

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