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My Latest Project


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  • 3 weeks later...

Finally got the bed in my room after the varnish smell disapeared and was able to bring it in.


Also moved the small state of New Jersey out of my bed room through the holland tunnel into New York for storage while I painted my room before I brong the bed in to the jungle =))


Now, if only this dam humidity would subside I could get the finishing touch on the mirror to go ontop of the dresser :thumbup:


A few pic's of the finished product.






Here's a shot of the corner Desk where I spend my winter months in hibernation =))



Next to the corner desk is the regular writing desk where the laptop sits.



A Wide shot of that side of the room.



And on the other side of the room is the dresser where the mirror will go when weather premits my to spray another coat of varnish on it. :)



And opposite side of the room from the bed sits a 42" plasma on the wall :)


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Thanks spinner,

This is the first chance I've had to come back and check the thread, I woke up this morning to the tune of "GO TURN OFF THE WATER!!!"


So there I went running to the street in my underwear with a pipe wrench and a adjustable wrench to shut off the water because the pipe to the toilet broke in the wall this morning. Of course its Saturday and a plumber would be x1/2 so guess where I spent half my day. Up too my knees in shit =))


After that I got the rest of the doors in the house sprayed along with the shutter doors to the closets :thumbup: plus got them rehung so we still have two more bedrooms to paint but thats just a days job each.


Back on topic...

Tomorrows forecaste is calling for low humidity so I'll be able to get the last coat of varnish on the mirror and get it inside, I decided on rounding the top, but didn't use the whole 6" wide piece of wood. I thought it would offset the whole pattern of the rest of the mirror so I kept with the 1/4" strip of purple heart/ 3/4" piece of oak and then rounded that. I'll post it again when I get it in my room.


I have pics somewhere of when I built each piece to the bedroom if anyone is intrested I'll post them up. Might take some time to find them in this jungle because some are before JPegs were invented =))

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Awhhh. The feeling of finally being finished with a major project.


Got the mirror in my room today so I can scare the crap out of myself with my ugly mug when I wake up every morning =))




I gotta say, I can't believe how much better the dresser looks with the mirror on it, don't know if just seems that way because I'm used to the dresser without a mirror on it or if it actually does acompany the dresser :mellow:


I do know one thing, my room looks twice as big :teehee:

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Quality work kirk :thumbup:


I like the finish, looks as good as I've seen anywhere and you achieved a nice balance in size between the mirror and the dresser. A smaller mirror would have been swamped by the dresser.


Well done that man!

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That looks awesome! I would love to have the time and tools (and skill) to do that kind of work. At the moment all my tools are stowed in Australia.



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Thanks guys, I'm just glad this project is done but now I got my mom wanting a bed with drawers under it as well =))


Guess thats not bad, I enjoy doing it and it gives me something to do and it relaxes me. My only problem is once I start, I don't know what moderation is :thumbup:


I work on it till I get as far as I can, like getting the pieces glues up or varnish on it or need hardware before I can go any further and have to run to town the next day.



I actually didn't know how wide to make the mirror so I took my moms advice since she keeps up on whats in style and all =))

She told me the mirror should be the width of the two middle drawers and since I made a mistake on the miters, its one sixteenth less then the width of the two middle drawers :thumbup:

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nice looking project

your wife lets you keep a computer in the bedroom?

my ex would never allow that, would interfere with her piles of love books(where is rollonfloor when I want him)

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Looks good....


I was gonna say it looks a little crowded in there with the PC and bed, you should move the bed to another room. :D




I'm not available to check right away buddy, but I've got my pirate friend I could send over...he has a mechanical claw for one hand and a hook for the other. :)

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