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Im new so i gotta ask this..


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Does ImgBurn replaces programs like daemon tools pro advanced and alcohol 150%?

I mean i got this game and DT wont work for me.. its .nrg file.. so i just burn the Img and after im done i insert the CD and it will work.. (will it run the game properly and let me install it?) and another thing is that this game wights about 6 gigs meaning is it okay to use 2 cds? because my cds are max 4.7 gigs..

so thanks :D and sorry for my ignorance :D:)

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you would have to use a dual layer disc.


ImgBurn is a burning application select the ISO or NRG and burn. Providing you use good media and there is no copy protection on the image you burn your disc should work, albeit games are usually protected from running from backups depending on the game and its age etc

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Whats a dual layer disc ? :P


Edit: ok so dual layer is 8.5 gigs cd but can i burn it with the dvd recorder i have now? .. i got "lite-on dvdrw lh-16a1p" :P

I need dual layer disc because the game i wanna burn wights 6 gigs? i cant do it with 2 cds?

i found my dvd rom properties but i still dont understand a thing so can someone tell me if my dvd rom can burn one side dual layer cds ? .. link below..


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Product Specifications

DVD Family Write

DVD+R 16X maximum by CAV

DVD-R 16X maximum by CAV

DVD+R9 8X maximum by Zone CLV

DVD-R9 8X maximum by Zone CLV

DVD-RAM 5X maximum by PCAV


dvd+r9 means dual layer


try with some verbatim and burn at 2.4x


no you cannot use 2 cd's or even 2 single layer dvd's

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