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first post help required


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So it's:

2,297,888 Sectors

= 4706074624 Bytes

= 4595776 KB

= 4488.0625 MB <-- being less than 4531 MB and hence too small.

= 4.38287353515625 GB

Excellent post LUK!.

May I ask where you got those figures?

In all honesty through all the years that I've been burning DVDs I have seen lots of different figures posted/written all over the internet.

For instance, if you take wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD you will read 2,298,496 sectors for DVD-R SL (4,707,319,808bytes) and 2,295,104 sectors for DVD+R SL (4,700,372,992bytes).

I'm just curious because I'm thinking about coding a small tool that calculates single pass video encoding (of legit video contents) and I would really like to know the exact amount of sectors.

Not that a difference of 608 sectors can screw my calculations but I thought, if I'm gonna try to do something useful I might as well do it properly with accurate figures ;-).

Thanks in advance.


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