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New DVD Burner - which is the best overall


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Hi guys,

I have searched through the forum looking for threads discussing hardware but I haven't found any that can answer my question.

I use my current LG 4120b burner only for burning purposes i.e. I don't use it to rip audio or dvd contents (which I acknowledge discussion is not allowed here).

I only use it for burning and it would be cool if it was compatible with dvdinfo pipo.

In such sense I'd like to know your opinion on which is the best overall burning drive out there?

Samsung? Pioneer? BenQ?

Please, do point their pros and cons if you know them.



PS: I know It'd be better to ask this at cdfreaks but I tend to trust you guys better than them :D.

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Eheh, a couple won't fit in my small miniATX pc case with only two 5,25" bays.

You see, I already have a DVD reader there that I use for reading and ripping purposes.

BTW could you point the main differences between both the Pioneer and the LiteOn?

Are those 3 burners capable of PIPO in DVDInfo?

How about the BenQs? Are they worth looking?

Oh, and where would you buy them online? Our currency in Portugal is €.

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