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Bootable UDF DVD


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I am trying to create bootable dvd image.


file which i want to include on that dvd is greater than 4GB , so i have to use udf.

when i am choosing udf, and then i am checking create bootable dvd and i am giveing file to boot, it say :


Cannot add file to image !


bla, bla, bla


ISO9660 Limit : 4,294.....


Reason: File size exceeds the limit imposed by the ISO9660 File system.



but i chose UDF file system....




when i uncheck : Make Image Bootable


i am able to create image.



What can i do?

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There is no provision for making a bootable UDF only disc. (When you make it bootable the program forces ISO9660 back on again)


To be honest I don't know if it's possible or how to do it.


I think the program would have to make up a fake ISO9660 file system - as used on the Vista install discs.

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This is one of about 10 other (major) features that has been added since 12 April 2007. If you search hard enough you might find them all in the forum. :thumbup:

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