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Largest single file to split-to for DVD+5?


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Not talking about DVD Video i.e. VIDEO_TS here, but instead very large >4.x High Def transport stream/mpeg2 files, or AVI files where I've made Hi-Def Xvids for example, that exceed the size of a single-layer DVD. I want to split-and-archive them.


If I use exclusively Verbatim MCC-004-00 DVD+Rs, which purport to size-out at 4.7Gb, what should I choose if I want to use a program like HJsplit which asks for Mbytes to split to? Wondering how much "overhead" I should allow for to write the directory info or whatever else the UDF mode needs.


Yeah I know I could start at 4700 and work backward to see what works, but this would be a lot of error-and-trial and I'm hoping someone here already knows the ideal size. Maybe too if others know of a nicer splitter program than HJSplit please let me know.

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