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AIFF To CD Support

Race Guy

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I have a set of .aiff files that are 11 tracks, ripped from a DTS CD.


Apparently, this is Apple's version of a .wav.


I want to burn these as an audio CD, but everything I've tried is a no go, even ImgBurn.


I tried Roxio Easy CD 6.2 & that's too old to recognize them. Nero 6.6 & WMP11 said "invalid"


I tried to create a cue sheet in ImgBurn & there's a nice list of "supported files" that includes everything BUT .aiff!


I know the files are good, 'cause I found a "shareware" prog that converts AIFF to a WAV, but it would only convert 30% of each file unless I paid $20+ for the prog. Those 30% hunks played in all their DTS 5.1 surround sound glory! That's the rub, a "conversion" to wav has to happen prior to a PC writing these as a CDDA.


If it can't be done via ImgBurn, maybe youz guyz know of a free prog that'll burn these?


Thanks & have a nice day!!!

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Have you tried foobar2000 yet?


Load your .aif file(s) then right click and select Convert > Convert to...


In the Converter Setup window that opens select WAV from the Encoding Preset dropdown box, also enable DSP Processing and in the DSP settings window add "Convert 5.1 to stereo" and "Resampler (PPHS)" to the active DSP's box and configure the resampler for 44100 Hz (both needed to be compatible with Audio CD specs).


Hope that works for you? :headphonedance:

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Thanks jeff, but foobar is a no go also!


I get this message:


Could not load info (Unsupported format or corrupted file) & it never gets to the setup box. That has to have something to do with the files being DTS.


Oh well........, the search continues! Maybe I can find somebody with a crApple 'puter??

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I finally hit pay dirt!


Somebody suggested I try a gizmo called SoX.


Fortunately, I'm an old DOS guy who can run a command line proggie! It's an 11 track CD, so I had to convert them to wav track by track. On each track, I got an error that said "Premature EOF on AIFF input file", but I did get the DTS wav. Each WAV was 2 Bytes smaller than the AIFF, so that must of been how much "premature" the "end of file" was.


I then took those wav's, created a cue sheet with IB, burned it to RW, popped it in the Oppo DVD player & got the sweet 5.1 sound of success! I thought the "Premature EOF" would mess up the track to track split, but they were all "clean".


The AIFF's are 30+MB each & I don't have a way to cut them down. If somebody would like to D/L them, it's about a 400MB post on UseNet in a.b.s.dts Ask for "Marvin"!


Have a nice day!

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