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Lfc pretty burn


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quality rating in the graph

how do you make a graph of your writer i went to the dvd info pro web page and i see unstable realease is this right


It's stopped at 99% on me once, I was multitasking, nothing locked, I just had to hit stop and saved graph.

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im sorry i am trying to do all you ask i clicked ok it took me to the site it said enables you to watch & copy any region CSS-encrypted DVD on all (including RPC-2) DVD drives without flashing firmware. DVDFab (DVD copy software) also has such functions. Both software is safe and easy to use. Download a FREE trial!


Your search string is: IDE 16X


The results are as follows:

then there is a list of about a few hundred drives but i dont see the a109 in there and there is no make on case

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