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noob question probably


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Hi and welcome to the forum, mcballa2010! :)


What exact model of burner do you have?



thank u =] umm do u mean like computer?


No, Cynthia meant what model of dvd drive/writer do you have .


look back at Locoeng's previous post, that tells you how to find out what model it is :thumbup:

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It sounds like your drive doesn't like them...... Can you open ImgBurn and then pop a disc that will burn in the drive, next can you copy and paste the log from the bottom window of the ImgBurn GUI into your next post here ?


This will tell us what drive model you have and also the firmware that it's currently using, it might be that the FW needs updating to burn the discs you have bought.


Generally speaking we only recommend the Verbatim DVD+R Dual Layer discs (MKM-001) dye made in Singapore.

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