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Solved my problem


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I had been failing to create DVD's that would play in a standalone DVD player. They would play on a PC if opened within WMP - but not autoplay or in a stanalone player.


Roxio would create video without soundtrack (version I have it seems does not support AC3 Audio)


Windows DVD maker - would not recognise file tye


Nero 5 didn't want to know


NCH Express burn ... would only create DVD that would play as a PC datafile.


Then I was pointed to IMGburn


As this was 3rd programme this week - somewhat sceptical ...

However, downloaded, no config or setting up needed, it worked it all out for itself, and installed in minutes !



It worked a treat .... very comprehensive, and VERY simple to use (my type of software)

I simply pointed it to the folder with the files and it even knew to create folder into VIDEO_TS, worked quickly and perfectly.



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