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DVD Shrink Help


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Hi, l have downloaded DVD SHRINK, but can't seem to get it to work, it won't even open up.

What am l doing wrong





Come to the wrong forum for starters. :rolleyes:



Search on Google instead if Google brought you here then ignore it and look/search for help on dvdshrink/dvd9 to 5 dvd9-5 help on dvd video.

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Hi Thanks for the help. Still dosn't work, l use lMG to burn a movie DVD, it plays on the computer, but says wrong disk when l try to play it on my personal DVD player. So l use DVD flick, open the movie, it does what it needs to, then when it goes to burn, it starts lMG, and burns the movie, and it plays on my personal DVD player.

Question, how can l adjust the size of picture so it will play full screen on my TV.

There is a setting 'Add overscan borders' in the preferences of DVD Flick. It might help.






There should also be a setting aspect ratio in your stand alone player on how the TV format should be played.



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