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i have something i want to burn to DL DVD, but it's in 68 parts and in .rar files, which each have .iso files in them which have the VIDEO_TS folder in it. all i want to know is if i need to extract the VIDEO_TS from each and every RAR file, or is there an easier way? also, if all i need is the VIDEO_TS then what about the rest of the stuff in there?

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what are you actually trying to achieve ?


is this project to be a dvd video or just a data back up ?


If its a total of just 1 video in the 68 rar files, just point winrar at the first rar file and chose "extract" . it will do the other rar files for you.

depends what you end up with depends what to do after winrar. if its an ISO, just burn it, if its something else , ie VOB,BUP,IFO files, use build mode in IB

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Extract one of the 68 .rar files. You will get 1 big iso file. Burn the ISO on a DL DVD. If you extract it and you get 1 big winRAR file, do this:


1. Open WinRAR

2. Go to OPtions>Settings> integration tab.

3. Deselect ISO


Tadaa, the big file is now an iso file.




Btw, if you're new to this, maybe you should lookup a guide on extracting/burning etc. Web is full of it.



And volvo, I dont know if you're familiar with torrents, but pretty much any big file (games etc) are send in multiple (eg 68) rar files. Its because its much more effective to share a bunch of small files via torrent than one big file.

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