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lock up/drive problem


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Bit of a weird one. I've got got a LiteOn DH20A3P IDE DVD burner (with the latest XY13 firmware) and it has a strange problem: If I burn a CD (Verbatim media) then it gets stuck and either has to be terminated using task manager or a computer reset, if I burn the same project on DVD (also Verbatim media) then it burns without issue.


I tried burning the same data in Gear Pro Mastering Edition on CD and it did the same, though gear eventually recovered and reported a driver error 02062900h Power on or bus reset.


Any ideas about why CDs are affected but DVDs aren't?

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I gave up on Verbatim CD's a long time ago.


Now I use nothing but the best... Taiyo Yuden :)


A bus reset just means the timeout on the I/O command expired and the driver has reset the bus to recover from the hang.

ImgBurn just uses a longer timeout - as you don't ever really want the bus to reset. If it does, you've got bigger problems.

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Thanks it could well be the media, will buy Taiyo Yuden next time. :)


...But on the other hand it happened 3 times on the trot all at 64% complete which makes me wonder if it could have anything to do with the drive.






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