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Snow Storm

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Dam I missed this whole thread with the laptop being broke again :angry:


On the other hand, just spent $2500 on a new laptop =)) But I make the big bucks I can afford it :P


222-0507] Inspiron 6000, Intel Pentium MProcessor 770 (2.13GHz/2MB Cache/533MHz FSB)

[320-3894] 15.4 inch WSXGA+ LCD Panel forInspiron 6000

[464-8406] 1GB, Shared DDR2,533MHZ 2 DimmInspiron 6000

[320-4509] 128MB ATI Mobility Radeon X300Video Card, for Inspiron 6000

[341-1847] 60GB Ultra ATA 7200RPM Hard Drive for Inspiron 6000

[420-5755] Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, English without Media, for Inspiron

[420-4830] DELL SUPPORT 3.0

[412-0689] Image Restore

[420-4928] Windows Media Player 10

[463-2282] Dell Owners Manual installed on your system,click on icon after system set-up to access

[420-5460] Complimentary courses: Look for EU icon

[420-5476] Dell Direct Download

[420-5769] Internet Search and Portal

[430-0493] Integrated 10/100 Network Cardand Modem, for Inspiron

[430-1048] Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0, for Inspiron

[463-7217] 8X DVD+/-RW Drive for Inspiron6000

[420-5111] CyberLink PowerDVD v5.5 Decoding Software for DVD Drives

[430-1402] Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 Internal Wireless (802.11b/g,54Mbps) for Inspiron 6000

[420-5644] Trend Micro PC-cillin InternetSecurity, English, 2-Year Subscription

[312-0275] 80 WHr 9-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery for Inspiron 6000

[412-0687] NETZERO ISP

[420-3224] Broadband Icon for Inspiron

[412-0787] AOL for Broadband

[420-5256] Netscape ISP

[412-0861] MS Worksuite 2006

[950-7447] 4 Year Limited Warranty

[412-0359] Soft Contracts - Qualxserve

[900-4323] Type 15- Third Party At Home Service with Nights and Week ends, 24x7 Technical Support, 3 Year Extended

[902-5690] Type 15- Third Party At Home Service with Nights and Week ends, 24x7 Technical Support, Initial Year

[900-9753] Warranty Support,3 Year Extended

[960-6910] Warranty Support,Initial Year

[983-2207] Thank You for buying Dell

[983-2217] Please visit WWW.Dell.COM

[983-1968] 72105 ($50 MAIL-IN REBATE) Redeem within 30 days of ship at dell4me.com/rebates

[982-1628] Dell On Call, 30 Days, Getting Started Assistance, Unlimited Incidents

[960-9189] CompleteCare Accidental DamageProtection, Inspiron, 4 Year

[412-0358] Soft Contracts - Consumer Complete Care

[464-0591] Thank you for choosing Dell

[412-0856] Paint Shop Pro Standard

[412-0865] Basic digital Music,Photo and Game experience

[464-5503] PC Restore Recovery System by Symantec

[464-7495] Special Offer $100 off (included in price)



Subtotal: $2,501.00

Shipping and Handling: $0.00

Tax: $150.06

Total: $2,2651.06

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On another note, last Saturday we brought home a baby Golden Retriever. He was born Christmas day and doesn't answer to the name of Murphy, he thinks his name is Hey You! :thumbsup:



I have a 22lb black cat, female, named Schmee, she thinks her name is Fat Bitch :D , not really her fault though, I encourage her "weight problem", between her and me, we bomb the scales. Have to weigh her alone, which is rather like trying to piggyback a chicken :w00t:


That's one big pussy!

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what a winter...those pics were from sunday about 23 inch's of snow..the past 3 days its been 50f today was almost 60..and most of its gone.. :shifty:


Get ready for another one jersey :thumbup:


Cold front is moving through kenfucky tonight droping from 70 degrees right now at 11 PM and wake up in the morning to 30 degrees. Second wave hits here tomorrow afternoon with freezing rain tuning to snow by saturday morning :wacko:


Tornado watch right now, tomorrow snow storm :wub:

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