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Hi people I would like to know when is the next update of ImgeBurn going be released? It's has been a long time now, I know software application coding etc taking time to put together but be really happy if anyone could tell a precise date of just a guess.


I love ImgBurn it is the best burning application ever, because it can be made portable and it is free, I mainly like the EZ Mode interface which makes it much more easier to select an option.


I hope that the interface is improved, as in design e.g. colorful, reflective etc. and that it has more features included.


Thank you ImgBurn, I appreciate what the developer has developed, I also want to thank the people on this forum supporting ImgBurn, and helping to test and submit bugs etc.


I wish the person or people best of luck in the development of ImgBurn! :thumbup:

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The next one looks exactly the same as all the previous versions.


If you don't like the interface there are plenty of alternatives.


So is the new ImgBurn going be released withnin December2008? And can you give me a little taster of the improved version will have.


It may seem like I'm saying the interface is c***, but I love the EZ Mode Picker interface but I think later in the future you could improve the interface.


I have typed a new post in the Imgburn Support Forum>ImgBurn>Suggestions>New Feature. Can you answar those as well please.


Thank you!

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Please Please DON'T give in to the eye candy requests.


I hate programs that figure they know better than I do what i want my desktop to look like, I have three of four of these ugly things that totally ignore the 'standard' windows interface rules and as a result are a pain to use, and look horrid to boot.


The program should accept windows 'themes' but other than that don't mess up a good thing.


(Microsoft is and always has been one of the worst offenders for ignoring their own guidelines.)


An besides Eye Candy = Bloat and one of the best things about ImgBurn is the lack of bloat.

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I strongly doubt the boss wil give in to cosmetic crap like Eye Candy requests and other things like making ImgBurn into some sort of "suite".

I hope that he never does. One of the things I love about ImgBurn is the clean interface and the absence of all of that cartoonish nonsense far too prevalent in software these days.

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