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image file to large compared to disc capacity. Was this originally recorder in a DVD disc ?


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I tried to burn mp3 with the CUE guide and this is what comes


the total size of this image exceeds that of a standard 80 min CD

image sectors 1,300,700

Image time 300


disc sectors 360,000

Disc time 80


do you want to continue anyway ?




The original disc is a store bought compilation of mp3 music . Obviously the data in the disc is almost 4 times the CD capacity , could it be that it was recorded in a DVD disc? the disc itself gives no clue.



I was already told imgburn does not burn music DVD , is there any other free program that does the job ?

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If the original disc has mp3's on it, it's not the same as a true Audio CD.


There's no such thing as an Audio DVD in the sense that it'll play exactly like an Audio CD would in your standalone CD player.


The Audio DVD's that do exist are a totally different format and you need special authoring packages to make them.


What you need to do (if you really want a true CD-DA Audio CD) is to split the songs up onto multiple CD's.


With MP3 being a compress format, you can fit loads on a CD but to play them back you need a player that supports MP3. Those types of discs are just burnt as data discs in Build mode.

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well how big is the disc in 'my computer' > properties ?



Original store bought disc shows 411 mb, then I made another mp3 from the original that shows 274 mb


So I guess it is originally a dvd music disc, and that img burn cannot burn it. could you recommend me another free program that will do the job.

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It's just a data disc.


If you want to copy it, use Read mode and then Write mode... it's very simple, honest!




I am able to burn the same disc content using nero 8 jukebox mode. ( In fact could insert many other mp3 in an 80 min CD )


I really wanted to use imgburn for ALL my burning but was not posible to create a CUE with imgburn since it said the total size of image exceded the 80min of a normal CD.


I will keep trying.

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You're confusing the 2 things.


A proper Audio CD (which is where the CUE comes in) and an mp3 data disc.


A proper Audio CD is written in Write mode and can only store 80 mins worth of music. An mp3 data disc is written in Build mode and can store 700MB worth of mp3 files (which would then equal several hours playback time).


Get your head around those concepts and you'll be fine.

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