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delete image box not check

Lamb Chop

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It should delete if it's not used / called elsewhere in the queue.


I will double check though... program logic became a little complicated in the end and I may have fixed one thing and broken something else.... i.e. this!


Thanks :)


Oh and once in the queue, the option you set in the queue is the one that gets used.


i.e. when you add an image, it will auto check the delete box IF that settings one is checked. After that, the delete option in the settings is never looked at.

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There is a problem... :(


I have that option check marked in all the Tools settings windows (Write and Verify). I also use the option Verify as checkmarked as default.


If I add some image files for burning in the Queue window and make sure that the "delete image" is checkmarked in the lower left part of the window for every image in the queue and then start the burning from that window (with the cute little burning icon) then this will happen:


1. The first image in the queue will be deleted after the burning and verify.

2. The next and following images will not be checkmarked as 'delete after burning' in that place in the main burning window.


Another tricky thing: :'(


If you in the main burning window have another burner selected and then start the queue function and add some images for burning and in that window selects another burner for the burning - and then put an empty disc in the burner that you have selected for the burning in that queue window - the "cute little burning icon" will not be highlighted. The only way to get that icon highlighted is to terminate the queue window and change the default burner in the main burning window.

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Ah yes, I see the problem now.


It wasn't that I wasn't checking the box when I needed to, that code is all fine. The problem was that I reset the window inbetween images (so the box gets unchecked) and that in turn was triggering an event that actually turned off that 'delete image when done' option for the queued item.


As for the tricky one you mentioned... I remember thinking about that during the development. It's a tough one to get around without just always leaving that button enabled.


Maybe I'd be better off updating the main window with whatever drive is selected for the first image in the queue. I'll have a play around and see if I can come up with something I'm happy with.


I WAS kinda hoping nobody would notice ;)

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