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    burn data with an offset

    Hi I'd like to burn 3GB of data to a regular dvd-r, but I'd like the the burn to start offset from the normal inner groove so that the data more closely goes towards the outer edge. Is this possible? Is there anything in the interface to allow this, or perhaps a cue sheet? Any advice appreciated
  2. Hello - I'm using Imgburn to burn my avi files on an NEC 3540a, and in general, it's worked well. The burner itself seems to be dying, some of the disks (dvd-rw's) don't verify properly after the burn. Using the same media on a different PC/burner (Lite-On LDW-851S ) actually creates cleaner burns. They verify properly on the exact same disk that failed in the NEC, and both computers can read the burned disk without issues. The problem is, these disks burned in the Lite-On do not play on the standalone DVD/DivX player. The symptom is this, the video file plays for about 2 seconds, the screen turns black, sometimes there's audio for a few more seconds. That's it, total fail. Is there something about the Lite-On burner that is creating incompatible disks as far as the DVD player is concerned? I've tried other DVD-RW's and the result is 100% reproducible. Imgburn is set to default in the settings on both PC's. EDIT - if DVD+RW's are burned in the Lite-On, they play normally in the standalone. Is this burner not compatible with DVD-RW ? EDIT2 I just looked at the front on the burner, right on the tray it says "DVD+ ReWritable" This burner must be from 2003. I wonder how much it cost when it was new?
  3. Hello, I loaded my files into the disk layout editor. Everything looks good. I start the burn, and about half way through, it tells me one of the files was not found. This is odd, because the files are still on the hard drive untouched. Then I looked closer at the error in the log and there is a bogus character in the file name as seen in the log. The file in the log that is not found says this: K:\k-temp\#music\VAí” - First Love but the actual file on the hard drive is named K:\k-temp\#music\VA - First Love These files were loaded into Imgburn by dragging andf dropping the folders onto the layout editor. If Imgburn keeps this file list in memory as the file layout is created, it occurred to me this might be memory corruption. As a precaution, I open the PC, cleaned out the dust and reseated the memory. However, before closing down the program after the initial error, I saved the project.. When the project was later reloaded, I checked it and reburned the disk, this time without error. If this was a transient memory error, wouldn't the error have been saved into the project ? Then I thought perhaps it was something to do with the programs renaming of the files to satisfy the joliet rules. The file in error, as far as I can see, was not renamed. Here's the log. ImgBurn.7z
  4. davexnet

    got stuck at 99% cache synchronization dvd-rw

    Thank you Lightning UK! I remember seeing this mentioned in Nero 6 (years ago) - something about "compatibility". I didn't realize your program did it also. There are quite a few old posts mentioning this "99% hang". I wonder if some of those are due to this very reason?
  5. Hello, I attempted to write a couple of small files to a dvd-rw, but it appeared to hang at 99% into the burn. (I cancelled it after 3 or 4 minutes) The files were only about 100MB in total. I recreated this problem on more than one dvd-rw. However, when you write a bigger set of files to the disk (eg. 4GB) the problem does not occur. The Imgburn settings are at default, latest release. Is Imgburn doing something different/extra when it is a small compilation of files?
  6. davexnet

    burn slows down at ~ 93%

    HI all, I'm burning with an NEC 3540a. It's 6 years old and has probably burned close to 1500 disks. I usually burn 16x media at 12x. When the burn is just over 90% complete, the burn drops from 12x to something lower (I presume 8x but not sure). I can actually hear the note of the burners motor drop down a gear or two. Other than that it finishes OK, and the verify is good. The media I'm currently using is only rated average (CMC MAG-M01-00), but not sure why the drive is having this difficulty. Time to bite the bullet and replace it? TIA for any info Dave
  7. davexnet

    DL burn: build ISO first, or burn directly -

    Thanks for the information. I see I wasn't doing what I thought I was doing at all. From the EZ mode picker I was choosing "write files/folders to disk" . Under the covers this is Build mode? Anyway from there I choose input/advanced, click on the disk layout editor, drag in my video_ts folder, close the layout editor, confirm that options/file system has ISO9660/UDF and I'm ready to burn. This is apparently Build mode, but isn't it writing the video_ts folder directly to the DVD?
  8. davexnet

    DL burn: build ISO first, or burn directly -

    Yes I see the article recommends the build method - but is that recommendation specific for DL only ? I routinely write smaller video_ts DVD folders (< 4.3GB) to single later disks in write mode without incident.
  9. Hi all - I had a 7.5 GB Video_ts folder to burn to a DL disk. My first attempt was to burn the folder in "write" mode, and after the layer change point was determined, the writing commenced. It was not, however, entirely successful. There seemed to be an error at the layer change; the writing continued to completion, but the disk didn't verify properly (mismatch). I burned it a second way, in "build" to create the iso, then burn the mds/iso file. This time it burned without error and verified properly. Did I get unlucky in the first burn, or is the method error-prone compared to the 2nd (build/write) attempt ? TIA for any info.
  10. davexnet

    error in comctl32.dll

    No it's still doing it in XP SP3 even after the more recent version of Imgburn. I had a situaltion today (and I sent in the generated diagnostic info ) Where I was writing a data disk (files and folders). I was using the disk layout editor screen. Files were added, I wrote the disk, then re-opened the layout editor. Deleted the files, added some new files and wrote a 2nd disk. Repeated this a couple of more times, each time, simply simply redoing the layout editor before writing the next disk. Then I received about 4 or 5 of the crashes in comctl32 one after the other. Is the problem related to the layout editor? Second question. Assume I have added a compilation of files to the layout editor. Instead of burning the disk, I save the project with the intent of burning it later. But before I burned the project some of the source files were accidentally deleted or moved. When the project is reopened, the layout editor (or anything else for that matter) does not indicate that some of the files are unavailable. Shouldn't it tell you?
  11. Unable to add the same set of files (they've already been deleted). But I'll keep and eye on it. If it reoccurs, I'll close the program and start testing with the same files. So far, trying to recreate the problem with some new files has not succeeded (program closed normally without error) Regarding trying to register comctl32.dll, the system tells me that the entry point DLLregisterServer was not found. Seems this is a file not eligible for self registering. However, I did re-register comctl32.ocx, not sure how/if they're related.
  12. Sound card works fine. This problem only occurs in Imgburn. DX is updated. OK - I'll check out the other things posted here and see if anything applies.
  13. Well I made another data DVD this morning, problem re-occurred. (with IB sounds disabled) Anything else I can gather to help diagnose ?
  14. Paladin77 - I disabled Imgburn's sounds but otherwise left my work flow as it was and did one additional burn - the problem did not occur. I'll do some more tomorrow to see if it''s repeatable. Perhaps I'll use a RW so I can try and narrow it down. Lightning UK - I'm running the most recent version. It only occurs after a burn, just opening and closing the program does not cause the error. My work flow is quite simple. From the opening screen I select write files/folders to disk. I click on the disk layout editor and drag and drop my files into the expanded window. Close the editor, and burn the disk. While it's burning I select the "verify" button. After the burn / verify is complete I close the program and the error usually occurs. However, it didn't always appear. I guess that makes the thing above with the sounds a potential red herring. I'm not sure what I did differently, but I'll experiment some more tomorrow.
  15. Hello - I get the following error. It pops up after the burn is complete and I press the X to shut the program. Except for this error, Imgburn is working normally. XP Sp3.

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