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  2. Try this. In Build mode, there's a tab on the main landing called Options. Under Options, see if Recurse subdirectories is checked. If it is checked, uncheck it, and try again. See if that does what you want. This is a universal setting, so, every time you add a folder, no subfolders in that folder should be added.
  3. I need to unselect sub directories but can't seem to find the settings.
  4. At what point in the burn does this happen? Analysing Tracks is more of a read operation thing. Also, with certain combinations of hardware, PSX games can't be read in by ImgBurn.
  5. Ever time I try to burn a playstation 1 game with multiple "tracks", (.bin files) imgburn just stops making any progress whenever it tells me that it's "analyzing tracks". Why does this keep happening?
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  7. You can / could get proper disc cleaning / polishing / resurfacing devices. Not sure if such things are still made. Perhaps Google for a video on how to clean a disc with something like toothpaste or similar?
  8. Looks like the drive in your pc has the same problem with the disc that your PlayStation does. You could try getting the disc cleaned / polished or you’ll have to get another copy.
  9. I am trying to make a copy of my budokai tenkaichi 3 disk to see if i can make it playable again (as my console wasn´t being able to read it) but for some reason imgburn isn´t being able to read it´s sectors or something. Sadly i am not really tech savy so i will just give you my log to see if anyone can help me understand what is going wrong. Thanks in advance. I 14:08:57 ImgBurn Version started! I 14:08:57 Microsoft Windows 8 Professional x64 Edition (6.2, Build 9200) I 14:08:57 Total Physical Memory: 16.694.892 KiB - Available: 12.062.900 KiB I 14:08:57 Initialising SPTI... I 14:08:57 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 14:08:57 -> Drive 1 - Info: MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ8E0 1.00 (D:) (SATA) I 14:08:57 Found 1 DVD±RW/RAM! I 14:12:00 Operation Started! I 14:12:00 Source Device: [0:0:0] MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ8E0 1.00 (D:) (SATA) I 14:12:00 Source Media Type: DVD-ROM (Book Type: DVD-ROM) I 14:12:01 Source Media Supported Read Speeds: 2,1x; 3,4x; 7x I 14:12:01 Source Media Sectors: 1.562.320 (Track Path: PTP) I 14:12:01 Source Media Size: 3.199.631.360 bytes I 14:12:01 Source Media Volume Set Identifier: ==5;3373SCEI I 14:12:01 Source Media Application Identifier: PLAYSTATION I 14:12:01 Source Media Implementation Identifier: DVD-ROM GENERATOR I 14:12:01 Source Media File System(s): ISO9660; UDF (1.02) I 14:12:01 Read Speed (Data/Audio): 4x / 8x I 14:12:01 Destination File: C:\Users\Wender\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Network Shortcuts\Image.iso I 14:12:01 Destination Free Space: 95.428.231.168 Bytes (93.191.632,00 KiB) (91.007,45 MiB) (88,87 GiB) I 14:12:01 Destination File System: NTFS I 14:12:01 File Splitting: Auto I 14:12:02 Read Speed - Effective: 1,7x - 3,4x I 14:12:06 Reading Session 1 of 1... (1 Track, LBA: 0 - 1562319) I 14:12:06 Reading Track 1 of 1... (MODE1/2048, LBA: 0 - 1562319) W 14:12:20 Failed to Read Sectors 9440 - 9471 - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:12:30 Failed to Read Sector 9456 - Reason: No Seek Complete W 14:12:30 Sector 9456 maps to File: \data\pzs3eu1.afs W 14:12:31 Retrying (1 of 20)... W 14:12:34 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:12:37 Retrying (2 of 20)... W 14:12:41 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:12:44 Retrying (3 of 20)... W 14:12:48 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:12:51 Retrying (4 of 20)... W 14:12:55 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:12:58 Retrying (5 of 20)... W 14:13:01 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:13:04 Retrying (6 of 20)... W 14:13:07 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:13:10 Retrying (7 of 20)... W 14:13:14 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:13:17 Retrying (8 of 20)... W 14:13:24 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:13:27 Retrying (9 of 20)... W 14:13:30 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:13:34 Retrying (10 of 20)... W 14:13:41 Retry Failed - Reason: No Seek Complete W 14:13:44 Retrying (11 of 20)... W 14:13:47 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:13:50 Retrying (12 of 20)... W 14:13:54 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:13:57 Retrying (13 of 20)... W 14:14:01 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:14:04 Retrying (14 of 20)... W 14:14:08 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:14:11 Retrying (15 of 20)... W 14:14:15 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:14:18 Retrying (16 of 20)... W 14:14:22 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:14:25 Retrying (17 of 20)... W 14:14:29 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:14:32 Retrying (18 of 20)... W 14:14:35 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:14:39 Retrying (19 of 20)... W 14:14:42 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) W 14:14:45 Retrying (20 of 20)... W 14:14:49 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (ASC: 0x09, ASCQ: 0x90) E 14:14:51 Failed to Read Sector 9456 - Reason: No Seek Complete E 14:14:51 Sector 9456 maps to File: \data\pzs3eu1.afs E 14:14:51 Failed to Read Sectors! I 14:14:53 Exporting Graph Data... I 14:14:53 Graph Data File: C:\Users\Wender\AppData\Roaming\ImgBurn\Graph Data Files\MATSHITA_DVD-RAM_UJ8E0_1.00_SÁBADO-18-DE-MARZO-DE-2023_14-12_N-A.ibg I 14:14:53 Export Successfully Completed! E 14:14:53 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:02:51 E 14:14:53 Average Read Rate: 110 KiB/s (0.1x) - Maximum Read Rate: 2.332 KiB/s (1.7x)
  10. Nobody is going down that rabbit hole.
  11. Hi Imgburn community! I am new here, I am a new user of computer. First time, I am burning an iso file, but unable to do this. Kindly guide me how i can do this easily. Waiting for reply. Thanks!
  12. the temperature in my house ranges from 33-35C and the humidity 61-73% this is too bad even for the M-DISC DVD will the data live little?
  13. I recommended the OP check the firmware because I wasn't aware what the current firmware version was. An update might have been released and the OP might have had a drive that was never flashed with any updates since leaving the factory.
  14. I see. that's nice and all that the mfg actually did something, but assuming what I had was not a bad batch, then somewhat older DVD burners might not like current Verbatim DVD-R media and I can't imagine they will release any more firmware updates for older drives at this point in time. but off the top of my head... you would think DVD media would not really change in the last decade or so since the technology has been mature for probably a good 10-15 years now.
  15. There is precedent for running changes in media manufacturing that require firmware updates to make them work with a drive again. For years, Verbatim MCC DVD-R were fine with the LG WH16NS60. Then, they started constantly failing on any NS60 I tried. I told LG this and after the next firmware update, MCC DVD-R resumed working properly with the NS60.
  16. Honestly, I would not be surprised if the media has changed and your burner does not like them given my experience not long ago as I probably have a similar burner as you do. because I got a batch of Verbatim DVD-R 100-pack within the last year or two from Amazon and had to send it back due to so-so burn quality (while the small amount of burns I did were still technically readable(passed ImgBurn's 'verify'), besides one, KProbe scan showed burn quality was so-so compared to their usual standards) and I have the same type of discs (same media code and everything) I bought back in Jan 2014 and those still burn well on the same two burners I had a long time now (i.e. Liteon iHAS-324B(which I think I got in 2011 as I initially primary got this for XBox360 game burning))/Sony Optiarc 7240s(I had this since about 2009)). so I would assume something has changed, or maybe I happen to get a bad batch etc. but that experience was beneficial for me as now I got a rough idea how bad a KProbe scan has to be before outright read failure will occur on the disc (the one that failed to 'verify' on ImgBurn) since I scanned that particular disc. but I see the OP is trying to burn 'Windows'. the newest Windows 10 ISO's have not been small enough to fit on DVD media for years now so I just use a multi-boot USB stick to directly load ISO's. Windows 7 SP1 ISO will fit on a regular DVD but if you update that same Windows 7 ISO so it's got all updates as to about Jan 2023, it's too large to fit on a regular 4.7GB DVD. p.s. but once I got a refund and sent those back I found some new old stock of Verbatim 8x media (MCC 003) on Ebay and those burn pretty much as expected (there is some fluctuation in burn quality but it's still much closer to higher burn quality than low burn quality). EDIT: I just noticed the brand on the OP's is generic. so I would probably lean towards that being the problem. still, it's possible even going with brand name (Verbatim DVD-R etc), unless I got a bad batch, might not like that burner since it's probably similar enough to my iHAS324B. While that's probably generally okay if your burner likes your media, anything I care about I don't really take a chance and make sure it scans well with KProbe (basically similar to DiscSpeed) since that's a bit more accurate way to gauge burn quality. because if it's in the ball park of a higher quality burn, then it just buys you that much more time should the disc start to degrade over the years before the DVD burner/reader itself will fail to read the data on the disc. because if ones burn quality is so-so to begin with it will probably fail that much quicker. another semi-quick test one could probably do it get a rough indication of burn quality, assuming they don't want to use KProbe/DiscSpeed, is just copying the data back from the disc to the computer. like if it slows down during the copy, then that's a rough indication that at least that DVD burner/reader is at least slightly struggling to read it. because generally if a KProbe/DiscSpeed test shows it's got solid burn quality, chances are when you copy data from the disc back to hard drive it will read it with no slow down etc. so I guess it just depends on how important ones data is on how far they want to take things in this regard whether a simple burn/verify with ImgBurn is enough, or they want to take it a bit further with more details on KProbe/DiscSpeed etc.
  17. The way I see it is this... M-DISC are supposed to be good for long term storage. but even if we assume that is true, given their really inflated costs, I would argue regular quality DVD recordable media (i.e. Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden) are overall better since they are still high enough quality that those are unlikely to fail for decades, or at least the foreseeable future given I have DVD discs around 10-15 years old and they still scan well with KProbe (which is a disc quality checking program to give you a pretty good idea of the burn quality of the disc). basically there is little to no degradation since I burned them about 10-15 years ago (I date all of the discs I burn so I know precisely when I burned media) and given my experience from not all that long ago with a batch that did not like my burners I got a pretty good ball park figure on how bad a KProbe scan has to be before a DVD burner will struggle to read it and my discs burn 10-15 years ago (even some others more recently etc) are still far from coming close to that point to where a read issue would be likely to occur. so basically I would expect these disc to still be easily readable in at least another 10-20+ years from now and could be well beyond that for all I know. but even if we only got say 30-40 years, that's a large portion of a persons lifespan anyways. I tend to use hard drives for my general data backup, but I do use DVD for a more limited amount of high importance data. note: I generally store my media in a room (out of any obvious sunlight, especially direct sunlight) and the room does see some level of humidity here and there and the room they are in, in the summer time, probably see's temps around 80-85f (or about 27-29c) as while the general house has AC, that particular room is so-so. bottom line... I would recommend using standard quality media (Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden) over M-DISC in general. M-DISC might be okay for a very limited amount of super high importance data if you got money to burn though.
  18. yes i read it but i thought it was just their marketing and the plastic and glue materials are the same as regular dvds
  19. I abandoned LiteOn years ago as they made my first BD burner and it was junk. So, I don't know anything about their quality anymore. It is not a slim model unit, so that wouldn't be the problem. No, there is no software that will determine a drive is bad. You could check for a firmware update to the drive, apply it if it exists, and try again. In Write mode, right click on the drive in question and choose the last item in the context menu which should be to check for a firmware update. If Verify completed and DiscSpeed returned no errors, that's good enough for me. I don't even bother with DiscSpeed results at all.
  20. My drive is ATAPI iHAS122 F any software for me to test if the drive is good or bad? now i got worried because a few months ago on this drive i burned important files on MDisc DVD but verify test and nero discspeed did not show any burning errors this drive I used little and in few burns
  21. Read their website. The whole idea behind M-Disc is for long term storage.
  22. I would doubt it's the discs as you're using MCC in the Disc ID from the screenshot shows. So, you're using Mitsubishi media, which is the best out there. Thus, I would put it down to your drive. Either it's reached the end of its life or it has a firmware conflict with that particular media. Is your burner a slim line model? That could also be the problem.
  23. MDisc DVD is good or bad for long term storage? my room conditions temperature 35C RH 61-73% this discs little expectancy in conditions?
  24. Today I lost several DVDs burning Smartbuy and I wanted to know if the problem is in the dvd disc or in the drive?
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