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  2. Just got the official word from LG. They have discontinued WH16NS60 production. They informed me that this current replacement they are making for my NS60 will be the last. The NS60 has been discontinued and after they go through the current refurbished stock they have, there will be no more. The NS40 is still available. Amazon.com has 5 left in stock with more on the way, so the NS40 is still in production, it seems. Which is a bit of a shame as the reason I stuck with the NS60 was because it properly wrote to BD DL media, unlike the NS40. However, maybe after all these years, firmware updates have fixed this in the NS40.
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  4. I would also like the source code to be released. People are using a 10yr old version. You can say that there is a beta version but only people going on these forums know about it therefore 99.99% of users are using the old stable version. By the time a new stable version is released optical drives won't be included on any laptops any longer, they aren't included in many nowadays. Seems a waste to keep the program in beta, what is the point in that exactly?
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  6. First, make sure the device is recognized by Windows. Open File/Windows Explorer and make sure the drive is listed. Second, just to cover all the bases, you are trying to create an image file of an optical disc and not a USB thumb flash drive or HDD/SSD, right? Lastly, try changing the I/O Interface in ImgBurn and see if any of the alternates find your device. To change the I/O Interface, under Tools --> Settings --> I/O --> Page 1 --> Interface, there's a series of check boxes you can use to change the I/O Interface. Try changing to each one until you find one that works. Though it's not listed as recommended, I do recommend closing and restarting ImgBurn each time you change the I/O setting, just to be sure.
  7. I've been trying to create image file to disk, but saying there is no device ImgBurn.log
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  9. I bought the inkjet printable ones. I've used discs similar to these on the NS40 in the past. MKM 003's. They worked fine back then, but it's been years since I used the NS40.
  10. Are you referring to the inkjet printables that were sold for $25 or the ones with the purple label and it said "AZO" on them? Did you also test those discs on your NS60 or your pioneer drive. I was just wondering because if they work on the NS60, I would hope that would have a good chance of working on the NS40 as well. Also the price of the inkjet printables changed from $25 to now $33.
  11. I had a chance to burn one of those "cheaper" Verbatim DVD+R DL's I got last week. I burned about 5.9 GB to one and it passed both Write and Verify. Right now, I'm performing a Read test and then processing the ISO to "verify" its contents. And the ISO read completed and processed fine. So, these "cheaper" Verbatim DVD+R DL discs do appear to be the good stuff, just cheaper.
  12. At what point does ImgBurn say you need to reinstall Madflac? I am on Windows 11 23H2 and just loaded a .FLAC without incident. However, I did not attempt to burn the CUE file. If you're getting an error attempting to do the actual conversion, as I said, I didn't encounter that because I didn't attempt to write the CUE file.
  13. Every time I go to burn an audio cd image that has been encoded in FLAC I have to reinstall Madflac. This has never been as issue until Windows 11 23H2. Is there a way to stop this from happening or is it an issue I'll just have to deal with?
  14. Oh yeah I remember now. When I was looking at the NS40 to buy it, I was reading up no some reviews on it online and also here at the forum. I recall that you posted some things in the past about it not writing to dual layer BD media. As for me, the NS40 works completely fine since I never really burned BD-R discs before so the primary problem with the drive wouldn't even apply to me. Yeah I agree, with the two LG drives that I have, the NS40 and the NB60, the latter being the USB slim drive, they both work well and read pretty much every disc I have given it.
  15. The problem with the NS40 was, for a long time, and it may have finally been fixed with a firmware update since I last checked, it did not write properly to DL BD discs. It wasn't just my findings, either. Others on this board and I discovered 9 times out 10, DL BD media would fail Verify. There's never any rhyme or reason why an LG optical drive, and it's more than just NS40's and 60's, will fail to read a particular disc. And it's not just DVD-R but pressed Blu-Ray and DVD Video discs as well.
  16. Ah ok that's great. Whenever you get around to test them, I am sure they will still perform just the same since they are made by MKM so yeah.
  17. Oh wait my bad, I actually do have an NS40 I get confused between them sometimes but what I said before still applies to the NS40. It has been doing a pretty good job with the media I have thrown at it including DatalifePlus CDs, my Sony DVD+Rs, and the Plasmon Data Systems CD-RWs that I have mentioned before. What discs haven't been reading on your NS60? I think I have heard of that verbatim USB drive before as I have seen it on Amazon when I was looking for some USB slim writers. I think that one was a BD writer and I didn't use BD discs at all so I passed that drive and I got an LG GP65NB60. It writes a lot like my NS40 and I can tell LG did a couple of copy pastes in the firmware especially when burning DataLifePlus CD-RW by MCC. I was originally trying to find an NS60 but it was out of stock everywhere I looked. I found an NS40 on deal and decided to just get that along with the VanTec NexStar enclosure. Been working well ever since and it will soon be a year since I got them.
  18. Last I checked, .img was a file type for images of floppy disks made by WinImage. Are you talking floppy disks or install discs like CD's for this software? If it's floppy disks, ImgBurn won't image those. You'd need something like the aforementioned WinImage.
  19. .img files that OS2 warp can read any settings I need to change? I need to create .img files from the old floppy install disks of some old softyware.
  20. My order arrived and near as I can tell, even though they're like 4 times less in price, the MID does say they're MKM-003's. So, they appear to be the good stuff. Although I don't have anything in need of burning right now to a DVD+R DL, so I can't test to make sure they work okay. If I can remember, I'll be sure to use one of these new ones first on my next need to burn DVD Video to a DVD+R DL.
  21. The NS60 has had a few read hiccups over the years. Maybe 5% of what I've fed it won't fully read, but another drive, like my Verbatim Pioneer USB drive, will read. It's a shame you can't find NS60's anymore. Just the NS40.
  22. Ah ok, I will have to try them out sometime. Yeah I still have the ones that they made officially by themselves and they burn very well. I have some of them that are 10 years old as bootable images for different operating systems, and they read just fine. Ah ok, I will post there then if I come across some media that's good for testing. Yeah you're one of the most active on the forum. It's mainly you and Lightning UK that have been the most active and helpful here when I have casually read other posts of the forum. I thank you guys for keeping this amazing piece of software working fine and keeping the community going as well. Ah that's great, I just read it. I also have a LG WH16NS60 in a VanTec enclosure. It likes every disc I have thrown at it. I recognize a couple of brands listed on your post. Aside from MCC/MKM, TDK sparks my mind. I think they used to make their own media before but they may have switched to CMC, I am not sure though but I have heard some pretty great things about them on forums related to discs in the early 2000s. I have these ancient rewritables from 2003 or so that my dad had with an MID of Plasmon Data Systems. It was the first time I had seen such an MID and some of them aren't readable but some of them are. I saved the ones that work well and they have been continuing to work well notwithstanding the amount of rewrites I have put on those things. I will for sure post on the "Media" section if I ever get the opportunity to buy certain media and test them out. Thanks for all of the info!
  23. The CMC Pro discs are TY discs. At least, the MID's say they are. You can always fake an MID, though. I tried out some of them and they all burned and played back on a PS3 without issues. Sony used to make a quality DVD-R when they made it themselves. Now, they farm out to Ritek, which is okay 2nd tier media in North America; in Europe, Ritek appears to be junk. There's a section of the Forums dedicated to media reviews: https://forum.imgburn.com/forum/15-media/ The most recent posts, in fact, appear to be from me. I underwent a task to check all of my recorded discs since some were burned before I knew what CMC was. So, I took the opportunity to replace any MCC DVD-R I had recorded with MCC Verbatim DataLife Plus inkjet printable DVD-R. While I was at it, I decided to post a list of discs that were still readable 15-20 years after they were burned.
  24. Ah ok, I guess I didn't look enough. Really shows how Amazon is quick with its work if your order is already arriving today, I hope you enjoy it.
  25. I think it's because of all of the deals going on. Amazon's website says it's having some early Black Friday Deals so that's the main reason why I would assume all of these price drops are occurring. I usually am sticking to verbatim datalifeplus media for all of my discs, mainly CDs right now because I don't use DVDs too often, only every now and then. I actually still have some great Sony DVD+R SL discs that have an official MID of Sony Corp and they burn very well regardless if the spindle is well over 10 years old. I still have a good 40-50+ of those discs and since I barely use DVDs, I am sure they will carry me a couple more years. Once they run out though however, I will probably get the verbatim datalifeplus media for DVDs. However, I am curious to try out other media brands that don't use CMC, well not exactly. I am captivated by the CMC PRO discs sold on amazon where while CMC may still own them, they use good ol' Taiyo Yuden's dye to make them. They make both CDs and DVDs and the prices aren't extremely high to test out. I have also seen some discs of the name of "Ritek Pro" and I heard that Ritek is kind of good and better than CMC itself and they also make CDs and DVDs. However, their prices are quite high and I am not sure if it's worth testing. If I were to obtain such discs and test them out, should I post my results with them on the forum? Is there a specific section for that like "Media" or should I just stick to "Chat" for now since well I guess I am only just a newbie on the forum.
  26. Yeah, I came across both Amazon entries, as well. I can't explain it, either; it's really weird. If you do a general search for those terms, the first hit is for the $67, but if you scroll down through the list of hits, you find the $25 one. My order is supposed to arrive today.
  27. Yeah that's what I came across too when I was searching for them, but I can only find the one being sold for $25 via only your link. When I try and search for myself in amazon for "verbatim datalifeplus dvd+r dl" I can't seem to find it at all. https://www.amazon.com/Verbatim-8-5GB-DataLifePlus-InkJet-Printable/dp/B00DT6OWFG/ref=sr_1_3?crid=ZDU650E33OXQ&keywords=verbatim%2Bdatalifeplus%2Bdvd%2Br%2Bdl&qid=1700402175&sprefix=verbatim%2Bdatalifeplus%2Bdvd%2Br%2Bdl%2Caps%2C88&sr=8-3&th=1 I also found the above link which is both sold and shipped by Amazon but for some reason, this one is for $67. I don't understand why one would be for $24 and the other for $67 when they are both being sold by Amazon??? Oh ok, yeah that makes sense since only Mitsubishi could make those good AZO dye discs.
  28. The order I just placed a few hours ago has already shipped. Amazon appears to be going on a selling spree. I already got something else I was monitoring because it dropped half in price and something else I also ordered went from $42 to $24, with the Prime shipping.
  29. It's weird. My first search for the inkjet discs turned up only an entry with 3rd party sellers. However, scrolling down through the list of hits, I did find another entry that was Amazon shipped. I have ordered those branded AZO discs before. They are Mitsubishi MKM.
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