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  3. I would also recommend you create the ISO and then mount it as a virtual drive. You can then perform the 7Zip CRC comparisons against the contents in the ISO mounted as a virtual drive. If that passes, then you can be relatively confident in burning that ISO to disc and performing the same CRC checks against the disc you just burnt.
  4. Any command that gets stuck being processed is down to something else going on with your machine. It could be a driver of some sort in the I/O chain that's not behaving as it should do. Commands should either work or fail... not get stuck. Indeed, the AWS stuff you've configured won't be having anything to do with it behaving itself a little better now, it'll be because you've changed to drive letter. That's not to say I recommend using drive letter - 'drive letter' enumeration doesn't support a few features that the others do. (The default options are usually the best)
  5. If you're worried about anything, stick to building the ISO first, do your checks on it and then use Write mode to burn it to the disc. The only file system you need to include when using Build mode is UDF. Enable the option to include system / hidden files. What gets logged as being excluded?
  6. I've experiencing the same issue @quah reported here. Since I'm using an external Blu-Ray drive, I don't have to restart my computer to get ImgBurn working again though. I do still have to kill it using Task Manager, but if I unplug the drive and plug it back in, it works fine again. To try and troubleshoot, I changed the default SPTI option and made it address the drive by Letter, see the screenshot below. I also added AWS profiles for the types of media I use that default to the actual maximum speed of those discs instead of leaving them at AWS (MAX) - so it now says AWS (6x) or AWS (4x) etc. That appears to have fixed it, I'm pretty sure it was the SPTI change that did it though. I've burnt a half dozen discs since then without closing ImgBurn and it hasn't gotten stuck on the "Querying Device Advanced Settings..." prompt a single time since then. Before it would get stuck every other disc I tried to burn. PIONEER BD-RW BDR-XD05 3.01 (D:) (USB) Source Media Type: BD-R (Disc ID: VERBAT-IMf-000) But it also happened with MEI-T02-001 Panasonic media, CMCMAG Verbatim media, and any media I've tried really. I haven't checked my other machine with an internal Pioneer (BDR-212U something or another) drive yet.
  7. When I first discovered this program while looking for dvd decryptor back in the early 2000's, I could not help but to notice the glaring similarities in the way that the GUI was setup. I gathered that dvd decryptor was having legal issues by the various websites I came across, and when I found this program, I wondered if this became the successor, all the decrypting capabilities removed of course. And I also wonder if that's why this program has has always remained freeware, because it's a really nice tool. In case I've said anything taboo, I just want to clarify that I'm NOT advocating anything illegal, and I've only ever made legitimate backups of data that I paid for or was given the right to use, such as freeware and GNU things that are offered freely by the developers.
  8. I have data I've been holding onto for years that I don't want to one day lose. So, I'm trying to burn a 100GB BDXL m-disc, but I want all of the data to burn as it is without any changes or exclusions. I can't seem to figure out what settings I should be using to get that exact copy of the data. Imgburn likes to exclude some of the data, and of course it complains about path lengths for thousands of files. I check all the folders with 7zip Manager's CRC option so that I can be sure that all the data is present. Right now I've only done the build option, but at some point I'd like to be able to burn something to the disc without fear of losing data or having to do it again to another disc.
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  10. Aha! Thought so. Could you please look at this thread?
  11. That dates back to the days of CDs. It’s nothing to do with any movie on the disc.
  12. *bump* @LIGHTNING UK!, have you answered this elsewhere?
  13. @LIGHTNING UK! You know how for a long time now I've reported on random crashes I get on ImgBurn shutdown? That you could never see a cause for? Well, I believe I may have isolated a possible cause. It's repeatable, so you may be able to test it for yourself. It seems to be generated if a folder added to a Project has been detached. What I can do is assign a partition on a USB HDD a drive letter then add a folder to a DVD Video project from that partition on the USB HDD. Then, if I remove the drive letter from the partition that that folder was added to the Project from WITH ImgBurn open and the Project unchanged, when I close ImgBurn after the partition had been "hidden" by removing the drive letter in Disk Mangement, I get a crash on shutdown of ImgBurn. This may give you something to go on now.
  14. That only applies to games and it depends on if you have a fat or slim model PS 2. MKM's worked fine for DVD Video for a decade on my fat model PS 2. The slim, not so much. However, the slim model never played DVD's correctly without skips and pauses in playback because, well, it's a slim model, and almost all slim models of anything with an optical drive are junk.
  15. I also applied a software patch for dual layer support . Just a warning for everyone, don't try MKM-003 on PS2 .
  16. I've known 2 people with modded PS 2's and neither one of them had a chip that supported double layer games.
  17. Yes, it's modded both hardware and software . I even tried to disable the chip, same result . I used an external Verbatim drive and i could write at 3x . But on an internal LG drive the minimum is 4x . Bitsetting was manually set to DVD-ROM in both cases .
  18. 2 things. 1.) Is your PS 2 modded? If it isn't, copies of games won't play at all, regardless of if they're single or double layer. Unless you're using a soft mod, which is still a mod. 2.) Be aware not all mod chips supported double layer copies. You can write below 4x. But, 1.) you need 2.4x media, and it's not guaranteed the drive isn't hyped up to write beyond 2.4x on that rated media. 2.) you can try setting a slower write speed, but user entered values are not always honored by the drive itself, as the hardware will do whatever the Hell it wants to.
  19. Hello . I am trying to burn a Playstation 2 dual-layer game , i have tried multiple MKM-003-000 discs , tested on 2 consoles but it just won't read them . I also tried some CMC MAG-D03-64 and i had better results with those !? .. even if they stop working after a while . Can you go under 4x writing speed or it's a disk limitation ? I'm also attaching a log . ImgBurn.log
  20. If you're going to use the OWC enclosure with a WH16NS60, be aware there's a big drawback. If you power off the enclosure, Windows will not recognize the drive is connected again until you restart Windows. The OWC doesn't do this with Pioneer drives, but it does with the NS60. VanTec enclosures don't do this with the NS60, either. It's a peculiar bug in the OWC enclosure. I haven't used anything other than a Blu-Ray burner for like a decade, so I can't comment on DVD only burners.
  21. Thank you for the suggestion, I'll look into it for BD drive, I trust LG as well. I've emailed VanTec, hopefully they RMA it. Probably will just order an OWC enclosure. TSST SH-224 are decent for just DVDs? In the past I had read they were quality, now I don't know what to think anymore. Cheers
  22. Are you saying you have optical drives that are recognized by ImgBurn but are not recognized by it when you connect an external HDD? If you're not, then, it's as was said. ImgBurn does not image USB HDD's.
  23. It's possible to get a VanTec enclosure that only partially works. My first VanTec made me thing the entire line was junk. While it initially appeared to work, eventually, it started dropping communication with the drive. I gave a 2nd VanTec a try and that's when I started to suspect inferior Chinese quality control because that unit worked fine. Then, I had another one where it would randomly not detect anything when a disc was inserted until the power was cycled. I would get an LG WH16NS60 if you're really looking for a BD drive. It's the best of the worst. The lesser of several evils. Pioneer is pretty much junk now. Hasn't properly written to DVD+RW for over 5 years. ASUS is also junk. Doesn't properly write DVD+R DL.
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