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  2. That log doesn't help. Depends on what made the disc that isn't finalized. You could try right clicking on the drive with this disc in it and under Close choose Session. Then repeat for Disc. Don't know how well that would work, though.
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  4. Can ImgBurn fix a CD/DVD that is not complete or finalized? I am trying to copy a disc that was made on another computer, and I get a message "State of Last Session: Incomplete". LogFile.txt
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  6. That should not be the case. There’s nothing in the program to be aware of any other instances. Perhaps check the log file when it closes and see if anything gets mentioned. Are you actually enabling any sort of option to make the program close when it has finished anyway? If you are, stop doing so. If not, perhaps something else is actually terminating it.
  7. Thanks for your reply - I feared that this might be the case
  8. the program whichever finished a disc first terminates, no matter if there is still a queue
  9. You said you were burning multiple copies of the same, so I tailored my response accordingly. You can burn what you like, as many times as you’d like. The program will only be closing when it thinks it has finished all the work you’ve given it - assuming you’ve also told it to close when done.
  10. Generally, no. When discs can't be read, that's it. Optical is a generally all or nothing situation. What you might have better luck with is not a utility to recover the data but a different drive to try reading the discs in with. Try someone else's drive and see if the discs still behave the same way. If they don't AND they have a different make and model of the drive you have, you know the discs are shot.
  11. I've been burning backups to 25GB BD-R's using ImgBurn for a number of years. I've just tried to recover files from some of the discs (burned about 5 years ago), and there are a batch of about 10 discs which can't be read at all - they are all TDK blue label discs. When I insert any of the discs into the drive I get "The Device is not ready". I guess that this was a bad batch of discs, but was wondering whether there were any utilities (for Windows 10) which might be able to recover any of the data from these discs?
  12. Depends on what you're trying to do. If you're just burning some MP4 files on a Blu-Ray for playing back on a PC or a BD player that plays container files like MP4, choose UDF. If you're trying to get MP4's to play like a DVD or a Blu-Ray Video disc, be aware that some BD players simply won't play them that way, particularly if you're trying to make a DVD. You need a video converter application to make a DVD/Blu-Ray Video disc. If you've got the proper VIDEO_TS or BD folders, just drag and drop those into a Build job and ImgBurn will make the necessary file system and other settings adjustments.
  13. thanks for your input must it be the same image? why? shouldn't two instances be able to perform on their own, side by side? same question regarding the number of copies? how could that make a difference? thanks for your help
  14. What file system should I use when burning 1080P mp4s to blu-ray?
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  16. You’d just tell both instances to burn the same image to a different drive multiple times. Sounds like you had 1 instance burning a single copy to one drive and another instance burning multiple copies to the other drive.
  17. I was more concerned about batch processing. There could probably be switches or default behavior where ImgBurn might close itself.
  18. I don't see how the queue would differ from burning one disc after the other ?
  19. It is possible to run 2 instances at once, but it sounds like you're burning a queue of discs or you're using batch processing. I've never done either of those before so I don't know what the behavior of the software would be in those instances.
  20. I have two burners and want to run two instances at once but it does not work. When I start one and start burning a disc I can open a second instance and burn another disc but once one disc is finished and the next one is asked for (I am burning multiple copies of the same) the instance that just finished the disc terminates. Thanks for your help.
  21. I tend to agree with dbminter. it's very unlikely your new discs have been written to. you can try the I/O stuff as I have to change that ('Tools > Settings > I/O' and then change from 'ASPI' to 'SPTI - Microsoft' and on 'SPTI - Device Enumeration Method' I use 'Device Interface' (or 'Drive Letter')) since I am using Linux (Mint 21.1-Xfce) otherwise ImgBurn won't see my CD/DVD burners by default. I suggest you try the following as this should help confirm whether it's a Windows issue or DVD burner issue... download Linux Mint 21.1-Xfce ISO (this one for example... "mirrors[.]layeronline[.]com/linuxmint/stable/21.1/linuxmint-21.1-xfce-64bit.iso") and make a bootable USB stick (you can use Rufus (free software) to make a bootable USB stick with that ISO file), boot to Mint, and once it boots to desktop then insert a blank DVD into your burner and close the drive, wait some odd seconds, and then check the file manager in Mint as it should show something like 'Blank DVD+R Disc' under the 'Devices' section on the left side area of file manager (see my small screenshot posted below). I figure if you experience this, chances are something is out of whack on Windows 11. note: don't worry this won't touch your current Windows installation as this is safe to do as once you reboot, it will be back to how things are currently for you. this would be a decent way to test to see if anything is out of whack on your current Windows install that's preventing ImgBurn etc from working properly. because if it still reacts the same way on Mint, I would lean towards your CD/DVD burner itself is probably the issue. if not, something on Windows 11 is out of whack. honestly, I won't be surprised if it's simply a Windows 11 issue. p.s. I suggest using Windows 10 in general (which is supported until Oct 2025) since it's less likely to cause issues from what I have heard. but it's your call if you want to stick to Windows 11 or not. I dumped Windows for Linux Mint in Jan 2019 (the limited amount of windows games/software I use work on Linux Mint) and given the direction Microsoft is headed with Win11 etc I am all the more happy I dumped Windows as Mint's interface is clean without the bloat etc. but I understand not everyone can do this as there might be windows software that they cannot go without and does not work on Linux through Wine. anyways, you can see Windows goes in cycles with 'good/bad/good/bad' and right now Windows 11 is part of the 'bad' cycle which has held true since at least Win98 to date (Win98(good),WinME(bad),WinXP(good),WinVista(bad),Win7(good),Win8(bad),Win10(good),Win11(bad?)). but it does seem likely Win11 won't reach the wide adoption that Win10 has given current market share... Win10 = 68%. Win11 = 17%. for measure... Win7 still has 11% and it's not had support officially since Jan 2020. you could basically say there have only really been three dominate/widely used OS's from Microsoft over the last 20 years or so... WinXP/Win7/Win10.
  22. It would be highly unlikely if you received an entire cake stack from the factory that has been partially written to. So, the most likely culprit at this point is your drive. I would, at this point, invest in trying a new drive. A USB one would be easiest to set up, but most USB drives are slim models, which tend to be trash. I'd be sure to get a different make and manufacturer than the drive you currently have. One other thing I'd try, though I doubt it would help. But, it would be easier and cheaper than the above solution if it works. In ImgBurn, open Tools --> Settings --> I/O --> Page 1. Under Interface, there are a series of options you can check. Try changing these and press OK. Once the Log window refreshes to show you have the new I/O setting enabled, see if these discs still list as not empty. Try each I/O setting if one doesn't work.
  23. And I insert my brand new blank DVD-R disc, it still shows me the same thing and Imgburn tells me the same thing "Disc Not Empty"
  24. (Sorry for the late reply) It tells me "This Folder is Empty" I follow your steps, and it's still not working. I have no files in my Temporary Burn Folder.
  25. SMALL UPDATE: while ImgBurn etc still basically works on Mint 21.x series (which was released in about mid-2022 and is supported until April 2027), I noticed there seems to be a small issue on PlayOnLinux through Mint 21.x series (that was not there on Mint 20.x series) where, for example, when you start up PlayOnLinux, on the main program window if you click the 'Configure' you will notice that on certain tabs (mainly 'Wine' and 'Miscellaneous') that certain things are cut off/not currently visible like it should be and it always stays like this everytime you load up the program (until you manually adjust it, which works temporarily). so it's a small inconvenience that you always have to use the mouse on say the top of the 'PlayOnLinux configuration' window for example and drag it up at which point you can now see everything normally (or, optionally, just maximize that window to see everything). (small side note: I am currently still using Wine v6.0.1(32bit) for use with ImgBurn currently on Mint 21.1-Xfce) but here is some screenshots to show you exactly what I mean (the narrow one that cut off icons one should be able to see is what the program always does everytime you load it up (which this was not a issue on Mint 20.x) but the pictures you can see everything one is supposed to see are after I put mouse pointer on top of that open window and held left click and moved mouse up which stretches the open window so one can see everything now like it should be in the first place)...
  26. Personally I think the 'Windows Store' is pretty much useless junk if you ask me (it would be better off being completely removed from Windows as it's just unnecessary bloat). I prefer traditional ways of installing software where you just go to a website, download a .exe, install it and use. p.s. but in all honesty, I dumped Windows for Linux in Jan 2019, so 4 years ago now. so basically I used Windows from 1995 until Jan 2019 (basically Windows v3.11 through Windows 10) on my primary computers etc. the small amount of games (Mafia series/RDR2 etc) and Windows software (Foobar2000/ImgBurn etc) I use works fine on Linux.
  27. Would you consider releasing this on the Windows Store officially? One advantage is that if you use the MSIX format, limited user accounts can install it. Microsoft has provided a packager tool to convert legacy apps into the new format too https://apps.microsoft.com/store/detail/msix-packaging-tool/9N5LW3JBCXKF?hl=en-us&gl=us
  28. I forget precisely how to fix this, but I think it's somewhat along these lines. First, insert a blank DVD. I'd take a disc from the very bottom of the package, which has the highest likelihood of really being blank. Then, open the disc in File/Windows Explorer. There should be something on the screen about files waiting to be written to the disc and the option to open the folder where they're stored. When you open this folder, delete everything in it. Particularly desktop.ini or any .ini files. I think this will return to File/Windows Explorer that the disc should be treated as a blank disc. I also found these instructions. I've never done them so I can't vouch for their effectiveness: Open Run by pressing the Windows key + R simultaneously. Type shell:cd burning, and then press Enter to open the Temporary Burn Folder. Delete all the files in the Temporary Burn Folder folder. Restart the PC.
  29. So wait I bought a wrong disc ? Or how can fix this ? I need those PS2 bios.
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