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    How Do I Burn Xbox 360 Games

    Hi @ all! Got my new LG GH22LS30 writer today! NOw I wanted to brun some of my xbox 360 gamaes ... Also bought some Verbatim MKM-003-00 mso everything fine so far! Problem is now .. some of my friends also have exactly those discs (MKM-003), but a different writer (no idea which one exactly) ... it's no problem for them to brun their xbox games with 2,4x speed! Now I wanted to do the same thing with my new LG burner ... problem is now that ImgBurn simply ignores my selected write speed (2.4x) ... it burns with 4x! That's a big problem because the Xbox360 drive is simply sh*t and won't read it! Any suggestions how to write with 2.4x? Please help! best regards Twist

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