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  1. bondy0191

    region codes

    i was using imgburn to build multi files which were going great,until it started building the files to ntsc which i think is america and i need it to build at region 2 european so it will play on the dvd.please could you advise me on what i,m doing wrong
  2. bondy0191

    backing up wii games

    i have a wii games on my pc and i,m tring to put it on disk using imgburn.i put the file in imgburn ok and it goes through it bit but when i put it in console there is no game.am i doing something wrong.any help would be grateful.
  3. bondy0191

    sptd detrimental

    thanks beta team,you were a great help.it was the alchol file causing the trouble
  4. bondy0191

    sptd detrimental

    i need so help,anyone please.everytime i open the imgburner it says sptd has a detrimental effort on hard drive.i,v look through everything on this forum and can,t find any help.please advise me where i,m going wrong.
  5. bondy0191

    update xbox 360

    thank you for your help,i do not know how to put the menu on this site,i tried copying it mate.
  6. bondy0191

    update xbox 360

  7. bondy0191

    update xbox 360

    can someone help,i,v read the problem with the copying speed only going to 4*speed but once i,v copied the game at that speed my xbox 360 keeps saying that the disc needs cleaning and then stops.all this started when backing up my tekken 6.does my xbox need 1.6 ex or am i doing something wrong.i,m running of 1.5 ex

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