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  1. Travman

    Burn speed question

    Thanks for the registry tip. I've added the entry and will see if it worked next time I do a burn.
  2. Travman

    Burn speed question

    Thanks guys, that cleared things up. I hadn't actually clocked the time between the two burns but the Nero burn *seemed* faster... but it probably wasn't.
  3. Travman

    Burn speed question

    I was previously used Nero to burn my DVD's but I wanted to give ImgBurn a try. So far I really like it, but I have a question about the burning speed. Is it normal for the write speed to "ramp up" during the burn? For example, I burned a full Verbatim DVD-R 16x media at 16x speed but it didn't reach 16x until about 3/4 of the way through the burn. Of course, it starts at 0 and then it slowly ramped up to 6x speed. It stayed there for a bit, then it got up to 8x. But it didn't get up to 16x until 3/4 of the way through. When I use Nero, it seems to stay at a steady 16x speed. Why would ImgBurn start off slower? I tried it on MAX and at 16x manually and it did the same thing. I'm using an LG GSA-H10L dual layer burner which burns DVD-R at 16x.
  4. Travman

    Newbie help with burning files to DL

    Thanks for the help. I just finished my first DL disc and it works perfectly in my Samsung DVD recorder! It was easier than I thought since I didn't even have to worry about the layers, though I did change the booktype to DVD-Rom (not sure if I needed to do that or not?).
  5. I have an LG dual-layer burner on my PC and a standalone DVD recorder that plays DIVX/XVID in my living room. With my previous burner, I just used Nero to burn the XVID files to my DVD-R media and they work great on my DVD player. Now that I have a dual-layer drive and decided to try ImgBurn, I'm a little confused: 1) Can I use ImgBurn to write files directly to the media instead of using an "image" or "ISO"? I just want to write the xxxx.avi files to the disc as DVD-Rom I guess, right? 2) How does this work with Dual Layer discs? I was hoping I could fit twice as many AVI files on a DL disc and still have them work on my DVD player. Can I use ImgBurn to do this and since it's not an actual DVD Video image, how does the layer change work and all that? Thanks!

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