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  1. From this URL: http://imgburn.com/index.php?act=download MIRROR 7 (Um, yours!) What else could have come from there?!?!? You know with an IQ of 132 I guess I could have downloaded something else, as if I ate some mercury by accident. Unf ortunately I shredded the file. Its obvious changes have been made, perhaps you can salvage your reputation. You should do a search of "imgburn (spyware,malware,bloat)" and you'll get an idea of the work ahead of you. I'm royally pissed and I hate liars. You know quite well what was in there. And I'm not buying your line of guff.
  2. When I attempt to install imgburn one of these "crapwares" begins to scan my pc and then says it needs to install itself to improve performance. When I opt out (which is cancel) the installation completely ends. Imgburn doesn't continue its installation and then a minute later I get these alerts from my antivirus that spyware has been removed... It says in plain english that open candy is considered spyware/malware.... Its a shame, people have been recommending imgburn and I would pay to register, but I get offended by garboware installing when I try to install something. Its an assault and an insult. I can find plenty of wares out there without the threats..... No luck is needed. Ditch the crap and stop making a spectacle of your software. You are damaging your reputation here.
  3. Well, I just had to get the file from imgburn's site, just to try it, to see if it was without the bloatware, but of course it was crammed with the crap. Here are the alerts from my virus/junk scanner, after I aborted the installation (which didn't allow imgburn to continue installing as well). This is straight from my log, so IMGBURN users BEWARE. This is shameful! Date/Time,Threat,Source,Affected Files,Response,Detected By 4/26/2014 6:40 PM,ADW_OPENCANDY,Spyware,Drive:\Not.Disclosed\Masked.for.security.purposes\path.info.not.revealed\1823.tmp,Removed,Real Time Scan 4/26/2014 6:40 PM,ADW_OPENCANDY,Spyware,Drive:\Not.Disclosed\Masked.for.security.purposes\path.info.not.revealed\1829.tmp,Removed,Real Time Scan 4/26/2014 6:41 PM,ADW_OPENCANDY,Spyware,Drive:\Not.Disclosed\Masked.for.security.purposes\path.info.not.revealed\1823.tmp,Removed,Queued Scan I rest my case.
  4. I was going to try IMGBURN but when I went to install it some crappy bloatware popped up and examined my pc, then, it decided it needed to install itself to speed up my pc. Go figure. My first PC was a hand-built 8080A! I am a systems analyst, network analyst, programmer, Field systems analyst (Level 5 Maxxed out), Computer operator, Systems Engineer and I could go on and on. The bottom line is I don't go for any of that juvenile amateur crapware that comes along with the install. I don't fall for it either. I find it insulting to my intelligence and experience that you would try to throw that by me, I'm not a simple, amateur who believes that the flashing advertisement has really found a virus on my machine. SO YOU PEOPLE ARE FULL OF CRAPWARE. At any rate the very depth of perversion is when I said no and canceled the bloatware installation and then the entire installation STOPPED and I can't install imgburn without installing the crap. Thats like some kind of extortion. NO I WON'T, I'll just go and use my trusty Roxio 8 or even Nero 7 ultimate (thats all the bloat I need) and at least I know whats in it for that matter .... Keep your garbage. Sincerely, A prospective customer who decided NO!

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