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  1. clau_logo

    Blu-ray writer Samsung won't write BD-R!

    So i think the device is broken. After buying today 5 Verbatim bd-r disks and trying to use the device only on the adapter it seems that is broken. It gives me this error: writer error. So it's another pain in the ass because i need to buy another unit. Not even sell it and what is also strange is that i can use it only for burning cds and dvds. Thank you guys! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. clau_logo

    Blu-ray writer Samsung won't write BD-R!

    Hello guys! After changing the enclosure, meaning that i used an adaptor for the optical unit with my hdd enclosure and a verbatim bd-r disk i managed to burn the disk with no errors and everything was fine. So thank you very much i'm pretty happy write now and hope to find and buy a good enclosure for my blu-ray writer unit. Thank you guys very much! Ps: fingers cross because i'm burning a Traxdata disk [emoji6] On Traxdata at the end it gave me the error: Session Fixation Error. So i will go from now on only on Verbatim bd-r disks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. clau_logo

    Blu-ray writer Samsung won't write BD-R!

    I was talking with a friend of mine in order to give me an usb 3.0 hub and to give me his laptop for one day, in order to try to solve this problem. I also think that the worst case scenario is that the enclosure is broken. Strange thing is that when i put the usb data cable on usb 3.0 it gave me the last error. I will try this ideeas in this week or maybe in the weekend and i will keep you informed. Sorry LIGHTNING UK, i'll do that next time. Thank you dbminter! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. clau_logo

    Blu-ray writer Samsung won't write BD-R!

    And this is the third error: - write error. So now what do you think? I still want to try one more time with my friends laptop. But i'm more then open to your advices. Thank you!
  5. clau_logo

    Blu-ray writer Samsung won't write BD-R!

    So here is the second error: - Power calibration area error I mention that in the unit is an Verbatim disk and the unit is connected on usb 2.0 with my laptop. I'll give it a restart and after that I'll post the new error that I will have.
  6. clau_logo

    Blu-ray writer Samsung won't write BD-R!

    Hi, Just got home, put de blu-ray to write and here is the first error: 1. Device not connected. I mention that on another usb I have an external hdd from with I've put the files in order to burn the bd disk. I'll come back with the new error after the copying process of the files will be complet. Thank you!
  7. clau_logo

    Blu-ray writer Samsung won't write BD-R!

    Hi, Yes the device worked prefectly even in my old laptop and in the enclosure. Last year i've bought a new laptop and this one has the dvd unit a 9.5 mm slim type and the blu-ray unit is 12.7. I bought the blu-ray unit in february 2015 and it worked fine because i have bd disks that are readable with my unit. But the last blu-ray disk that i've burned was in november 2015 and till now the unit wasn't used for burning blu-ray disk just for reading them and burning cds or dvds. I will try tomorrow to burn some blu-ray disks in order to save the logs and post them here. Thank you for your answer and hope that tomorrow we will find out what is wrong with my unit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hi guys, I'm new arround here, my first day in but i have a problem, that is messing up with my nervs. So i have i Blu-ray writer Samsung SN-506BB/BEBE on an enclosure with usb 2.0, as I use it externaly. The thing is that when I bought this unit, it worked great without any problems, but in this week I wanted to burn some Blu-ray disks in order to get some new room in my laptop but I didn't managed to do this. The device is showing me the following errors: 1. Power calibration error (tried with Imgburn software, Nero and Ashampoo Burning studio and the same error) 2. Can't find the media to write. 3. Device not connected. 4. Write error 5. Session fixation error. In the first place I used only Traxdata disks BD-R but I thought they were not ok and bought some new BD-R disks: Verbatim, Omega, Maxwell, even some disks BD-RE and I still get this errors.With the BD-RE disk it even can't format it, it's only spinning the disk and doesn't do anything. I asked a friend of mine to come with his laptop in order to try to burn some BD-R and when it was at 84% it showed the same error. The thing is that the drive burns cds and dvds but won't burn BDs. I've tried many things even to supply the unit from a power supply or to change the data connection from usb 2.0 to 3.0 but no luck. I want to kindly ask you, what do you think or what I should do in order to write Blu-ray disks again? Thank you guys!

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