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    Ripping Defect?

    Actually, that would've never occurred to me. Thanks.
  2. blastvortex

    Ripping Defect?

    Okay. Yes, I was surprised by the lack of error messages. I was also surprised that similar discs seemed to work, even similar discs from the same company (something I probably should have mentioned, my bad). Mega Man X4 and Darkstalkers 3 worked just fine, whereas Mega Man 8 and Darkstalkers 1 did not. Age of disc itself didn't seem to make a difference either, since the most recent disc that wouldn't read was King of Fighters '99, whereas Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, also made by SNK and released earlier, ripped just fine. Then again, I'm looking at the disc now, and it seems that they might have released Playstation version through different distribution channels. Hadn't realized that before. Anyway, regarding the "bad sectors" argument, I did wonder about that since I do recall something about certain companies using that to discourage unhealthy activities, though I thought something about the disc coating was supposed to make that unnecessary (or that it only affected more direct burning methods, etc, perhaps that's a silly thought), or that they didn't use that until PS2 era and afterward. It's been a while and I guess I'm a little out of touch. Then again, maybe the disc(s) really are just holding up enough that they'll still play just fine on the hardware but won't rip. Just that I can see it isn't a simple program issue, and I was sure that it couldn't entirely be a hardware issue, though I did consider that. Thanks for the advice, either way. I'll see what I can do.
  3. blastvortex

    Ripping Defect?

    Started doing new rips of old games because at least one had some errors due to a corrupted drive, but found that some won't rip now (coincidentally including the bad one). It gets always gets stuck on the second track (always an "audio" one) and won't proceed to the next track, regardless of disc condition, even though they play well on system and most of them are still excellent to pristine. At first, I was thinking that it's because the handful that won't rip are older PS1, but plenty of others around the same era worked too, and at least one of the non-rippers is very late PS1 era (2000+). NOTE: I could've left it going for 10+ minutes, the result would've been the same. Wondering what the problem is. All of them are those black discs, if that matters.

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