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    Need help determining if my drive is bad

    Yup, the drive that works is a full height drive. The faulting drive is noticeably slower, too, maybe 24x, whereas my full height I know is 48x. I'm almost thinking to let DELL replace it but still myself add another better external drive to the system. You have been so helpful. Thanks so much!
  2. frank479

    Need help determining if my drive is bad

    Yes, 2 logs from the same failed new DELL computer. The older computer is a also DELL but its drive, which works well, is completely different. It's a after market drive with a door, whereas the new DELL uses one of those slot insert drives. So, no, not saying the same HL LG DVD drive model is in both... only the new DELL. I'm still going to try those Verbatim DataLife Plus disks you suggested and see what happens, even though, it doesn't exactly explain what's happening in this case. But, it would be another data point. The fact that the new DELL can verify those CMG disks made on the old machine says a lot. It almost seems like the new DELL isn't burning "deep enough" for it to read disks it makes, whereas the other better quality drive can still read those same disks just fine- it's just a better reader. It's a new machine so before I can get DELL to replace the drive, I have to convince them that there's something wrong with it. I'm guessing if I can't get the new DELL to verify the Verbatim's, that might be an argument for drive replacement. They might argue that because the Windows 10 versions are different, that could explain the inability of the new drive to verify (like, maybe Creator Pro did something differently at the driver level). Who knows. I'll post back after I've tried the Verbatim DL+'s.
  3. I recently purchased a new DELL computer running Windows 10 Creator Pro and when I attempted to create an Easeus emergency disk and verify that disk, ImgBurn reported several verification errors. I tried multiple times, same thing. I then went to another older machine running Windows 10 Anniversary Update (but with the same version of ImgBurn) and burned the same iso. It verified there on that drive just fine. I then had that older machine verify the disks made by my new DELL. They also all verified just fine which was kind of a shock. I took the disk made by my old machine over to the new DELL and the DELL using ImgBurn also verified it just fine. ??? So, it appears my new machine cannot verify disks it makes, but is that even possible? I attached two logs from the burn/verification sessions from the DELL. Is there something wrong with my new drive? In both logs, when it ran into an issue, I told it to retry and continue. ImgBurn1.log ImgBurn2.log

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