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    bcd not read on CD, 0xC000000F error code

    Hi Admin and ISF God. Fixed it... duh, found on another line of inquiry that in exceptions, don't add 1 to ... and allow files without extensions. Bingo and bingi (the plural!) it works. Problem solved and thanks for your efforts! love the program, wish it were a tad more user friendly. Didn't I see a post from Admin that stated later revisions of ImgBurn would make those bits default? be well!
  2. BurningMan

    bcd not read on CD, 0xC000000F error code

    Here is a screen capture of the failed boot. Maybe it's telling me something! The problem PC does boot and operate just fine. I don't recall having an install CD for this PC, so now I have to jump through some hoops to do the repair sequence. Rats, file won't upload, "too big". The gist of it is this: it want's me to use the Win7 install CD to do a repair of the PC. Is that based only on the failure of the recovery CD to boot? Nothing seems to be wrong with the PC regarding booting and running from the C: at power on or restart.
  3. BurningMan

    bcd not read on CD, 0xC000000F error code

    Hi Admin, Yes, it can IF the PC on which you are making the boot able media has a CD/DVD writer, which two of my five PCs do not. As mentioned, the first PC without CD writer, I made a USB flash boot, then converted to CD boot with imgburn. The second PC without CD writer, no such luck. Hubris? did I think I knew what I was doing but doing it wrong? I used a third PC with CD writer to make the CDs with imgburn. I have three other PCs with CD/DVD writers, on my main PC, Todo wrote to CD just fine. The other two have yet to be tried. Guess I'll just have to bang my head against it, eh? If you see blood, call an ambulance! LOL. The strange thing is that the USB flash drive made on the problem PC does work. It's just that the CD made from those files doesn't, with the 0xC000000F error code about the BCD unreadable. My procedure in the case of PC with no CD writer: make USB flash boot media. Test if it is boot able. Take that media to a PC with a CD writer. Make the boot able CD. Test the CD on any PC to see if it boots. This process works in the case of PC-#1, fails in the case of PC-#2. Both are HP 8300 sff desktops. Anybody else got an idea? Thanks and be well
  4. I used IMGBurn to make a bootable CD for one of two HP 8300 PCs I have. Neither has a CD writer. The first PC this process worked just fine, made a bootable USB for TODO Backup, then used imgBurn to make a bootable CD using the USB files. The second PC the process fails. I made sure the USB stick would boot, which it did. But making a bootable CD from the USB files using imgBurn fails. I get 0xC000000F error code every time. I've repeated the process several times to make sure I didn't make any mistakes, with the same results each time. From the log file it might be seen I tried two different procedures over several attempts to get a good CD that would boot. Hours spent with no good result. What's wrong? The USB stick boots fine. The CD made from the files in the stick won't boot. On the other HP8300 PC, this process worked well. Thanks for your help! ImgBurn.log

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