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    Burn image on multiple drives

    just to know, now I'm had this error: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j64vcxat7n051oo/error.jpg?dl=0 After a few minutes nothing happened so I aborted the operation, I said NO to "try to close disc", re-started the burning and now it goes. something similar problem (power issue) happened only today on this burner also with nero...what type of problem is this? thanks
  2. steadi

    Burn image on multiple drives

    thanks for your reply! so, I tried as you suggested - started #1, waited until 20% completed (always 100% buffer and device buffer) - started #2, waited until 20% completed (always 100% buffer and 98/100% device buffer) - started #3, buffer always at 100% and device buffer continuously variating beetween 86 and 100%, even when #1 and #2 yet successfully completed burning #1 burned in 7'39" #2 in 8'08" #3 in 7'45" as you see in attachment https://www.dropbox.com/s/d9dbkr1kv0pwqi3/burning.jpg?dl=0 so mission completed, I think...? and I will save time :-)
  3. steadi

    Burn image on multiple drives

    thanks for your answer.. i know autoloader, my colleague buyed one, but I don't have so often this necessity to buy one. Nero, which as you know offers multi-burning from a single ISO, actually works in this way: - 3 optical drives, (On Nero software they figure connected as 2 serial ATA and 1 ATAPI, but I know all is connected by serial ata on my motherboard) - burning a single ISO from one non-system HDD drive I tried to put also ISO in SSD windows-system but no increase of performance in burning time, and in this way it seems to me not to fill buffer efficacely at the same way (as i can see empirically on nero software indicators). I have to say that rarely Nero fails burning, but it takes about 12 minutes to burn at 8x (I want however not to go over this velocity). So to clarify your suggestion: in case of using 3 istances of ImgBurn simultaneously, do I have to put 3 copies of the ISO on 3 different hard disks? Are they to be in a particular connection on motherboard in respect of optical drives? And last thing: with this configuration in your opinion will I be able to burn 3 DVDs in 8 minutes or only a test will clarify this? my fear is that, unlike a single software that controls the 3 burnings, instead 3 indipendent instances of imgburn can create peaks of data exchanges between the devices, that may fail the burning.... what do you think? thanks a lot for the support!
  4. Hello everybody, I'm a long time ImgBurn user, but my first topic here. starting from here, a very old thread http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=2022 I have a intel i7 2600Mhz based PC (year 2011) with 8 GB RAM, SSD system drive + 2 HDD 7200 rpm, and 3 optical drives. I sometimes have the necessity to burn 50-100 copies of the same DVD-video ISO. In the past (when I had only 2 burners) I used 2 ImgBurn instances simultaneously opened, with 2 ISO images on 2 different hard drives, with good results. Now with 3 optical drives... I tried to use Nero for this, but burning time for 3 simultaneous DVD at 8x is about 12 mins (instead of 8 mins as 1 only DVD): results are good but I would like to save time, if possible, and to use ImgBurn that I prefer. I would ask if you suggest me to use ImgBurn with 3 instances simultaneously opened, and eventually the best and affidable way to do it (create 3 copies of ISO image on 3 different HDD? or only one and put it on SSD), without stress too much the PC and HDD drives. Thanks for your answer

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