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  1. cholla

    Error: Adding files to a cue

    PM received & instructions followed. I've had no problems writing audio files from an EAC created .cue or an ImgBurn created .cue to a CD disc with ImgBurn. liaemars only posted the OP . If I can be of any help to him I will. I will probably install madflac to see how it does but I've always had good sounding .FLAC files created with dBpowerAMP. Those are the .FLAC files dBpowerAMP. creates with its' "MusicConverter.exe". I rarely rip with dBpowerAMP. as I prefer EAC for ripping to .wav files .
  2. cholla

    Error: Adding files to a cue

    Could you tell me how to do the dump & byte level comparison ? What software you used to do the byte comparison. I tested a .flac file burned to an Audio CD with ImgBurn & ripped back to .wav with EAC . I also tested the original ,wav that was ripped from the commercial Audio CD with EAC. The original .wav rip was done some time ago with EAC with an optical drive I no longer have. So were the .flac files created from it with dBpoweramp. I recently burned those .flac files to a CD with ImgBurn & ripped them back to my hard drive with EAC. I did a compare with EAC & they were different. I would like to test them your way.
  3. cholla

    Error: Adding files to a cue

    This may not help but I use LAV filters . They are what are used by ImgBurn when I use FLAC files as the source for writing an Audio CD. I would tag the FLAC files first. That way it is easy to use the tag setting for writing a .cue with ImgBurn . @ LIGHTNING UK! I know this is an old quote. How did you do the compare of the .wav files written from .FLAC files with the original .wav ?
  4. cholla

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    I take it your drive was able to read the Trisonic DVD-R s ? Also did you ever get ImgBurn to create logs ? It's usually just settings for the logs when it doesn't do this.
  5. cholla

    Rewritable DVD media beyond 4x

    I checked the Verbatim DVD - RWs I have & they are rated at 2X max write speed. They seem to have lasted well. I'm not sure if I have any Verbatim + RWs. If I do they're" buried deep" somewhere. I have some Arita that are + RWs they have a 2.4 max write speed. They are Ricohjpn. They also go several writes. I don't have any that are 4x or 8x . I also don't use these as much as I did at one time. I used to time shift TV shows with DVD RWs. Now I use DVRs to to this.
  6. cholla

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    Here is something for you to try.. First download & install Virtual CloneDrive. https://www.elby.ch/en/products/vcd.html This will add ElbyCDIO.sys to your optical drives drivers. Unless you have AnyDVD or AnyDVD HD installed. Then it will have AnyDVD.sys instead .That's OK because AnyDVD.sys has the ElbyCDIO.sys in it. The reason I have ElbyCDFL.sys on one of my computers is I have CloneCD installed but not AnyDVD. ElbyCDFL.sys also contains ElbyCDIO.sys . For lack of a better explanation this is an ASPI layer. You can check your drivers in Device Manager. DVD/CD-ROM drives/Your drive/Properties/Driver then select the Driver Details button. Then in ImgBurn: Tools/Settings I/O/Interface select ElbyCDIO - Elaborate Bytes. Then OK at the bottom of the Settings window. Just for good measure I would restart ImgBurn. For the logs make sure the Logs is checked in the View dropdown. In Settings/Events On Exit "Save the Log". Then it should be there when you select the Help dropdown. Select ImgBurn Logs ...
  7. cholla

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    @ dr_ml422, I don't know if this will help I'm using Windows 7.. I have a TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-H662A UO00. It is installed in a USB enclosure & is set to master. I do have cdrom.sys as one of the drivers in Device manager for this drive. I also have ElbyCDFL.sys which I believe is installed by Virtual Clone drive. I also have dvdfab.sys which is installed by Passkey. The last two may make the difference. This is what I get from a Verbatim DVD+R but it is a MCC not a Ritek. This is the ImgBurn read stats from it: When you say your drive is also a DVD-RAM is this the kind of disc you have it read? Unfortunately not a Verbatim. I have no problems with discs in this drive being recognized. You might see if IsoBuster can read the Verbatim blank in this drive. Not so much to use IsoBuster but to test with it.
  8. Also recognizing UHD 4K blu ray discs. With the V 1.03 my computer wouldn't open this type disc in the LG WH16NS40. (SVC Code NS50). The (SVC Code NS40) can't be rolled back or flashed with older versions. This usually bricks the drive from what I've read. I have also read that some were able to flash a (SVC Code NS40) back to V.1.03. It hasn't worked for everyone though. I checked with Vantec & the chipset my enclosure has is the Asmedia ASM1153E . Thought I would put that in. It might be useful to someone.
  9. I did contact SYBA but so far no useful information from them. Just no new firmware for this enclosure & actually not any available even old. They don't know why it won't write an Audio CD. However they don't even know if it was/is supposed to have this capability. @ dbminter I also have a Vantec it has a LG WH16NS40 that has been rolled back to firmware v 1.02 . I haven't tried any BD burns in it so I can say how well it works for this. As above it worked fine for an Audio CD burn. I don't have an OWC but I have looked at some of them. Just a couple of things more I've done with the SYBA enclosure. ImgBurn can erase a CD RW in the SYBA enclosure. ImgBurn can write a Data CD with music to a CD RW & probably a CD R(I didn't test the later). To me this means the CD laser is working in the drive in the SYBA enclosure. So to me the problem has to be in the Prolific chipset & where it is instructing the optical drive to start the Write to an Audio CD on the CD RW disc. ImgBurn knows that would be the wrong location so it gives the error.
  10. I temporarily installed the optical drive from the enclosure in my old mothballed computer as an internal drive. I then used the exact same CD RW disc . Then I wrote the Audio CD from the same EAC .cue. All went well . The problem has to be the chipset in the enclosure. The ImgBurn log below is the one for the write in the old computer. ImgBurn.log
  11. Thanks for posting LIGHTNING UK!. I tested using SPTI & the results are the same. I'm posting a couple of ImgBurn logs. These were done with the same drive in the enclosure. One is a Build to a DVD from a movie folder. One is a Read from the Audio CD. Both of these worked. So the enclosure does work with optical drives. It just won't write an Audio CD . This enclosure is for IDE optical drives as most in computers are SATA now . This can be convenient to use with those computers. I do have a tower computer with the IDE drives I want in it. I would try this drive in it but it is a PITA to swap a drive in it. I have another older computer mothballed & it is easier to change an optical drive in. I may dig it out & try it with this drive next week sometime. I believe the problem is with the enclosure. It is a SYBA & they say it has a Prolific chipset. I will see if I van find some further information from them. ImgBurnDVD.log ImgBurnbin.log
  12. I don't have any Verbatim CD RWs. Any of these look any better ? I 14:27:14 Destination Media Type: CD-RW (Disc ID: 97m22s60f, Daxon) I 15:17:07 Destination Media Type: CD-RW (Disc ID: 97m28s15f, Gigastorage I 15:21:27 Destination Media Type: CD-R (Disc ID: 97m28s22f, Multi Media Masters & Machinary SA) I 15:31:23 Destination Media Type: CD-R (Disc ID: 97m34s23f, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.) My suspicion is the chipset in the enclosure with the Samsung DVD drive. I also have a Vantec Nexstar enclosure with a bluray drive in it that doesn't get the error. The log attached is using the exact same low quality CD RW in the NexStar. ImgBurn.logImgBurn.log
  13. I know I'm using a low quality blank. However as above my internal drive wrote to it fine. The exact same blank.I just erased it. I've done this a couple of times back & forth. I've also used "Test Mode" I"m certain I have a better quality CD RW around & I will look for them but I expect the same result.
  14. When writing an Audio CD from a USB external enclosure I get this error: This is the drive: TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-H662A UO00 (K:) (USB) Above is just a partial of the log. I am attempting to let it complete but it is taking a long time & keeps repeating the error with each new sectors. I doubt the resulting Audio CD will be a good one. That is why I'm testing with an CD RW. I'm using an EAC created .cue file. I have also tested the same .cue file to the same CD RW from an internal drive with no errors. So the problem seems to be caused by using a USB.enclosure.

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