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  1. I bought a LG GP65NB60 CD/DVD external USB burner for my computer (with the most reviews/highest rated on Amazon). I'm burning CDI ISO's (which I was told should ALWAYS be burned at 4x or 8x - and yes, I added the drivers/dll's or whatnot to be able to burn these correctly). When I choose 4x or 8x, I get an error in the log which says "W 23:21:02 The drive only supports writing these discs at 10x, 16x, 24x". I know it's not these Verbatim CD-R's because I'm half way through a stack of 50 of them and my other burner did any speed I want perfectly. And heck, even the product description says "LG Electronics 8X USB 2.0 Super Multi Ultra Slim Portable DVD Writer Drive" so you would think I could at least burn CD's at 8x too, right? Discs seem to work just fine, but again I was told you HAVE to burn them slow or they'll fail to work at some point (games initially launch fine, but I haven't played through an entire game or anything). I do get some verification errors (screenshot below) which likewise makes me think that I HAVE to burn them slow...which I can't seem to do... I even tried to update the USB driver through Windows 10 Device Manager, but it seems to be the most up to date. I tried to update the firmware on the burner, but there doesn't seem to be a newer firmware available - there IS a new firmware for the same model number with "SVC CODE: NB60", but mine has a "SVC CODE: NB70" so there doesn't seem to be a newer firmware for that exact one. I wrote them to ask if it can physically do 4x but they haven't written back yet and reviews say other people can burn 4x so I can't help but thinking it's something with the settings of ImgBurn (which I've poked through everything and can't find anything myself to try). Any help? I 23:21:02 Source File Sectors: 358,620 (MODE2/FORM1/2336) I 23:21:02 Source File Size: 837,736,320 bytes I 23:21:02 Source File Volume Identifier: VC2 I 23:21:02 Source File Application Identifier: MKISOFS ISO 9660/HFS FILESYSTEM BUILDER & CDRECORD CD-R/DVD CREATOR (C) 1993 E.YOUNGDALE (C) 1997 J.PEARSON/J.SCHILLING I 23:21:02 Source File File System(s): ISO9660 I 23:21:02 Destination Device: [0:0:0] HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GP65NB60 PF00 (E:) (USB) I 23:21:02 Destination Media Type: CD-R (Disc ID: 97m15s17f, Ritek Co.) I 23:21:02 Destination Media Supported Write Speeds: 10x, 16x, 24x I 23:21:02 Destination Media Sectors: 359,843 I 23:21:02 Write Mode: CD I 23:21:02 Write Type: SAO I 23:21:02 Write Speed: 4x I 23:21:02 Lock Volume: Yes I 23:21:02 Test Mode: No I 23:21:02 OPC: No I 23:21:02 BURN-Proof: Enabled W 23:21:02 Write Speed Miscompare! - Wanted: 706 KB/s (4x), Got: 1,764 KB/s (10x) W 23:21:02 The drive only supports writing these discs at 10x, 16x, 24x.

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