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  1. hi guys, Only found ImgBurn recently after using decrypter for yonks. One thing I have found is when I read a disc to my hard drive, ImgBurn finds the Label name and calls the destination file the same, so far so good. When I then go to read another disc, the Label name changes accordingly but the destination name stays the same as the previous read and this wants to overwrite the previously read file on the hard drive and I have to go to 'view' and then 'refresh' for that to change to the new disc name. Currently on and have had this on the last 2 updates. Hope this makes sense to somebody...
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    Might be a bug, might just be me!

    Thanks for the quick reply, Yes I eject the disc the program changes the destination field to 'Please select a file...' ? and it goes back to the previous destination file name. Like I said this is the 3rd version I'm on, not played with the settings at all, does all I want it for do as it is. Sorry I can't be more help.

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