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    Formatting issues under Vista

    I did read the FAQ and downloaded Process Explorer from www.sysinternals.com (is now Microsoft). The processes found are either Registry-related or .... Norton 360... Searching at Symantec I found nothing regarding the issue... I'll try again w/out Norton active...
  2. bjurry

    Formatting issues under Vista

    I adapted the setting as suggested: no requirement to lock the drive. Result: the formatting did start now but after completion I get the message: "Synchronise Cache Failed! ... Reason: Write Error." Googling a little I did find some references to Norton perhaps being the cause: http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/192779 But the post dates from 2005 (....) and I find it hard to imagine that today this would still be an issue. And if it is, it is a pain to have to disactivate Norton and restart my PC before any DVD burn...
  3. I use TDK DVD+RW and a brand new HP PC. When trying to burn an image from my harddrive to an empty unformatted DVD, ImgBurn can not get the DVD formatted. The message is""unable to lock volumes for exclusive access"... I launched ImgBurn as Administrator... Anyone any clues? I also have an issue that DVDs I clone using CloneDVD2 are only readable by my PC, nott by my regular DBD player... I'm wondering that the issue is perhaps with either Vista, the TDK discs (I tried about 5 different ones), or my (brand new) build-in burner....

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