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  1. Thanks for your quick reply. Shame on me. And please excuse me wasting your time and mind. Well, yes, of course I checked "Include Hidden Files" as well as "Include System Files", but in my cleverness I misread "Include Archive Files Only" and checked it likewise. That's why copying the file gets it included. I'm sorry. And: Your program is fantastic. tim
  2. First of all: Hello and please excuse my English it's not my native language. I encountered the following, interesting problem with ImgBurn: I was wondering why a special file was not included in an ISO-file even though it was mentioned in the file list of ImgBurn. The (strange?) behaviour of ImgBurn: It neither counted the file in the calculation (and burned to the ISO-file) nor printed out any error-message. The path to that file is "D:\a\H\Downloads\Programs\Programs\E\HTML\TestBrowser\lynx\lynx\Lynx\lynx.cfg" I made a copy to "D:\t\H\Downloads\Programs\Programs\E\HTML\TestBrowser\lynx\lynx\Lynx\lynx.cfg" and - voilĂ  - it did succeed. Also a copy back to "D:\a\H\Downloads\Programs\Programs\E\HTML\TestBrowser\lynx\lynx\Lynx\lynx.cfg" eventually succeeded. But I don't know why it didn't in the first turn. And I don't know, how to reproduce it. But I would appreciate, if anyone gave me a hint. I didn't post to the bugs-forum, because I'm not sure if you called this a bug, but when I want a file included and it is not (for any reason), I'd like to be informed by the program. Many thanks and regards. tim P.S.: Sorry, my ImgBurn Version is and I'm using Windows XP Home SP 2.

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