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  1. JO JOE

    computer getting stuck on windows

    LG writer model GSA-E4ON
  2. JO JOE

    computer getting stuck on windows

    Ok thanks,I left them in for now until I no a little more about dvd burning. I have another question,I burned a couple of dvd's that will not play on my player. It only plays on my computer,the dvd is memorex not verbium is that why. Thank's JOE
  3. JO JOE

    computer getting stuck on windows

    Thanks,that did it I used another one in the back. When I downloaded this LG writer it came with nero and cyberlink do I need those programs along with it or can I remove them. Thanks Again P.S....what is the NERO DMA manager mean,what is it used for.
  4. I bought an LG writer model GSA-E4ON today and after I installed it and also lightscribe my computer would get stuck on windows and would not turn on. I unpluged the LG which is a external writer and it started up,is there another program I must install for this to run properly. Thanks
  5. JO JOE

    my first dvd burner

    Looking to buy my first dvd burner but no nothing at all,can someone give me a couple of brand names to buy or stay away from. Thank's Joe

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