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    Making a simple data DVD

    Wow, thanks. It worked, and now I feel pretty stupid...
  2. punkdave

    Making a simple data DVD

    Hey guys, forgive me for asking such a stupid question, but how do I burn a data DVD with ImgBurn? Forgive me if I didn't search hard enough for my answer, I just bought a dell and an unsupported D-Link wireless adapter so I'm all searched out right about now. So anyways, I tried going into build mode, I selected the files I want to burn (AVI files that I want left as-is on the disc, I don't need them in video format or anything), choose my DVD +/- RW drive as the destination with an empty disc in the drive, and finally I click the big "write" button at the bottom. The program tells me it's writing, I can hear my DVD burner going and the program finishes after about 5 minutes and says it was successful. However, windows shows the disc as empty, even ImgBurn itself still says the disc is empty. Physically it looks like there was nothing written to the disc either... am I just doing something wrong here or is it a problem with my burner?

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