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Burn order changes

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I burned an audio CD yesterday and when I played it back the tracks were not in the same order that they were listed in the IMG window of "write files/folders to disk". I have used IMGBurn for years and I don't believe it ever did that before. I was making a compilation CD with songs from a variety of sources that I added to the window one at a time. Unfortunately,I didn't save a log but if necessary I could try again. I did save the project and I reloaded it and the files were in the order I originally put them in. Any thoughts?




In settings-build "sort files by source list order" is checked.

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Files are listed alphabetically in the file system, and the option you mentioned controls the order the files are phisically placed on the burned disc. Also your player may be sorting the files by MP3 tag or similar.


Try burning a disc (use a rewriteable if you have one handy) with the files named as:




(in the order you want them)


You might want to use the Advanced Build mode for that.

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