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Burn Bootable w/ XP sp3 making sure...

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First and FOREMOST, THANK YOU / YALL for having this avaliable for people like myself who at times theing just seem WAY to complicated to understand. I THINK I might actually "get "ImgBurn" and THAT is a task in itself for me.


With that being said, I have read (In the Guide Section) :


and then followed up with the MS link below.



I just wanted to MAKE SURE I'm understanig that I CAN NOT make a bootable DVD / cd if I have Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 3.


If this is correct, would you have ANY other suggestions.


The basics :

- I have Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 3 on an older Laptop

- The Drive is hurt REALLY BAD. Grin. So much so that Western Digital has said I could get a new one because I'm still under warrenty.

- It wont boot but I CAN connect it via USB and CAN SEE all the drive contents.

- My thoughts are if I can make a bootable image of the ENTIRE DRIVE I can restore that image to the NEW HD when I get it.


Does any of this make sense ? Can it be done. If ImgBurn CAN'T do this (because of SP3 or any other reason) would you / yall have any other suggestions.


I Do have a store bought Version of Nero (7 Ultra) that I bought and NO OTHER software that I can think of using.


As with most people, I can not afford to go out buy more software.


Thank You,



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if like you said you can "see" the contents of your laptops drive C via a USB connection from another, my suggestion would be to get some backup software that will BACKUP that drive to another location (like a USB external hard drive). usually backup software has a utility to create a boot CD so you could RECOVER to a newly installed hard drive. when you get a new drive for your laptop, you would boot from that CD, and RECOVER the image you created. this is assuming you had a working hard drive to begin with.


backing up a corrupted hard drive would only transfer that data to the new one, so the restore might not work. if not you would have to reinstal Windows and your programs (or do a factory restore from the discs that came with the computer). I would still suggest you use the backup software so that either way you could recover your documents, music, photos, and anything else presonal.


good news, Easeus Todo Backup (google it) has a free version and works well. just do a System backup and also create the boot CD. ANY questions regarding Todo Backup, please go to their forum.


good luck.

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