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Preservation Project - Need Batch Script

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Hey All,


I've seen that imgburn can operate with command line switches, but I'm not very good with that, i.e. batch scripts.


I have been tasked with a preservation project that involves putting in cd's and converting them into bin/cue files for archival purposes.


I would love to have something that is automated, I've searched around, and ImgBurn with command line may seem the closest I can get.


I have a basic PC (none of these duplication machines, etc) and it has two drives, I have the luxury of an additional USB DVD burner (for reading) if I need.


I'd love to have three simple .bat scripts (one for each drive), that I run. They sit there waiting for a CD, when it detects a CD, it coverts the CD to a BIN/CUE dumping it to the root of a drive (external hdd), doesn't fail on errors, when it gets to the end, it ejects the cd and waits for a new one, rinse repeat?


I could have the filename being the date and time (including seconds) so that if any media that was inserted contained the same CDTITLE, it wouldn't cause any issues?


Is this possible with the current setup of the software/command lines?


Thank you in advance.



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