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Sanjay Chugh

ImgBurn keeps burning faster then the speed I tell it to burn at.

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Hi, I have two drives a BENQ IDE with the latest firmware and a Plextor SATA.

I've been using some ridata 8x DVD+RW drives for temp burnings of DVDs I rent.

I create the ISO using DVD Shrink.

On the BENQ if I tell ImgBurn to burn the DVD at 4x or 6x, it still ends up burning at 8x.

On the plextor it is fine. It burns at the speed I set ImgBurn at.


Has anyone else had similar problems? And is there a solution for this problem?




-- Sanjay

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The Supported Write Speeds parameter shows which speeds are supported by your burner/firmware/media combination, and, even though you can choose any speed, it's up to your burner to obey or not. Most likely it'll burn using the closest speed available to the one you've chosen. If you're still in doubt, please post a log from one of those burns (you can find it at Help/ImgBurn Logs).

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