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  1. I have movie that came in a bin/cue format which I converted to an Iso format and them tried ImgBurn to change it to a vob format which I think will play on my DVD Player attached to my TV. However, ImgBurn created a DAT file like the bin/cue format did. This Dat format will not play on my DVD Player attached to my TV. Anyone know what I can do to create a format that will play on my player? The bin file is 800 MB and the Iso file is 700 MB. thanks in advance, mpauls
  2. For those of you who are trying to to be cute, thru using google was the reason I downloaded ImgBurn. May I suggest, if you do not want to help someone find answers (why have forums) then do not answer anyone's question because anwsering in this way makes people feel stuipd or lazy ! mpauls
  3. hi, Just installed DVD Flick and found that it does not support DAT files. There must be a way of converting an cue/bin or iso format to one that can be played either on a DVD or CD on my Player???? mpauls

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