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  1. Right, I watched the DVD id info and it read "Ritek". Cool. Well, at least I'll try to salvage the cases, then.
  2. OK, but I don't know what's the deal with Imation then. I've always used their CDs and single layered DVDs with no trouble at all. How is it that they messed up with dual layer discs?
  3. And...what would be a 'proper manner'?
  4. ARGH! Tough luck, folks. I tried burning the ISO once more but to no avail. ImgBurn finished it, but the verification failed and when I tried to copy the data from the disc to the HD, an error message appears.
  5. Only with movies? Then if I would have used a Verbatim disc, I actually could have burned the ISO? Thanks for the link, but I tried BCIC a while ago and started to have problems when burning discs, so I had to downgrade.
  6. I'm trying to burn an almost 6 GB ISO (not a movie) to an Imation DVD+R DL (I read Verbatim are a better choice, but I'm stuck with those for now). My drive is a BENQ DW1650 BCDC. I tried to burn the ISO with Nero first (as it allows multisession), but the disc got killed. - Could I follow this guide: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=61 without messing with the layer break? Perhaps ImgBurn is likelier to be successful here? I did a simulation and it went fine. - If I extract the files and try to burn them in a normal compilation in Nero (or Build Mode in ImgBurn), will I have the same layer break problem? Thanks in advance.
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