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  1. No....everything shut down except for the avg antivirus running. Its a amd 3700 athlon 64 with a gig in dual channel. So the machine should be able to keep up. What generally is the lowest score in pipo test that should play well? Anything below 90 %...80 % ?/??
  2. Well I understood that much, but im trying to figure out why its spiking so much. These are crappy sony16id and Im trying to figure out if my burner is going bad after a year of service or if it dont like the media. I got 90 & quality in pipo test, but the cpu spiking is worrying me is all!
  3. Here is a pic of dvd info pro. I used the build mechanism of imgburn to burn right to disc. Essentially skipping the iso part. It worked flawlessly, but I dont quite understand the chart. Thanks for the help!
  4. Ok thanks for the head's up. As the blind man would...I see....LOL! Thansk!
  5. ozzy214


    True, but if is anything like me, he would just be more careful about it is all. You know what they say? Its only illegal if caught..LMAO! So in a happy note, Luk or whoever wrote it...good job man! I always had trouble create psl files and importing them. So thanks for making it very much easier. Hell I havnt used anydvd in months now since its release. No need. The only time I crank anydvd on is when inserting music cds, so I dont get that nasty root kit on sony cds LOL! Also luk thanks for imgburn. My nero dont even get used anymore unless I watch dvd. I always seem to get better burns on even the crappiest media.
  6. ozzy214


    Im just wondering. The author is unkown for the nice ripit4me utility. Im just a wondering if Luk came up with it? And hes denying it by putting author unknown. It seems to me who wrote it knows a lot of dr' command lines and knows how to intregrate it nicely. Hmm....
  7. I was just wondering what is the purpose of discovery mode? Also how do you get the *ibg file needed to test imgburn burns on dvd info pro?
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