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  1. sorry to say mate wii games can't be read in a pc - wii has it own formate and dvd burners can't read -but their do burn the iso of wii- what you need is 'homebrew install to your wii 'softmod' - next a usb hardrive and usb loader on wii. on pc you will need 'wbfs manger' that turn your usb harddrive to wii formate .usb loader will copy games from wii to hardrive and wbfs manger will let you extract game to pc. then burn with imgburn. you will get a wii disk and now it won't be read by pc - own wii can. for more info google wii-hacks - hope this help wii lamers how to get wii iso and burn them.
  2. yes i too going that way,this week we are out to buy a cheap xp computer and using a hosting program ,with a 500 g harddrive for the mp3/cdg files .i just wanted to have some disk to show for demo on other cdg players..that cool imgburn the best i seen and it cost nothing..thinking strongly give some money to the auther. RATT
  3. ok thank you yes karaoke is a +g formate hope it be added in future RATT
  4. just like to know if i can bin files that are karaoke iso audio/data disk that is RATT
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