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  1. I am confused. I am talking about ImBurn. Why did you refer me to the DVD Shrink 3.1? The DVD Shrink is not for burning disc. I am talking about burning several DVD files (saved in the HDD) into one DVD disc. Can ImBurn burn more than one DVD files into one DVD disc?
  2. Can I copy several short DVD files into one DVD +/-R disc or one disc can only carry one DVD file? If so, how to add more than one DVDs from the hard drive and copy them into one DVD+/-R until they reach the disc capacity of 4.7GB?
  3. coody

    Disbale auto-finalize

    Why? For user friend and he has said
  4. I copied a double layer DVD main movie to the hard drive with the DVDFab5. Then I tried to burn it to the disc with the ImgBurn. After clicking the button of
  5. coody

    No Writers Detected!

    Hi, I am still diagnosing the problem and will change the PC/burner but burn the same DVD folder with the ImgBurn. Do you know how to check or test whether another program is locking the burner or not in the Win XP?
  6. coody

    No Writers Detected!

    Hi, I want to copy a DVD folder VIDEO_TS to a disc, but the message displayed
  7. You have already enjoyed it, haven
  8. Maybe. How do I know or more importantly how will you know if the disc is worth keeping as you have not verified it. Your comments are not necessarry about no need to eject. It's there live with it. You have been told how to stop it now lets move on. Burn disc + verify = play [100%] Burn disc - verify = ????????? Maybe what? You have not known what is good at all.
  9. "I don't know how else to explain / dumb this down, sorry." That
  10. Do you mean the burn has been completed and the disc is playable once the disc is first time ejected before the message of
  11. Thanks for the instructions. I understand what you said. But, I just do not understand why the disc should be ejected one time before operation completed. Can't the ImgBurn check or read the disc without ejection before the end of the operation or it will affect the burn quality? What is the difference in checking the disc between the disc ejection and without disc ejection? What burning effect will be on such a difference? Can you explain it?
  12. User is not interested in whether it is

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