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  1. I click the "Write files/folders to disk" option when I first start ImgBurn. That puts it into Build mode, Device output. Does that answer your question?
  2. I just upgraded from to today and found this apparent bug... The Preview layer break operation doesn't work right in I like to use the single left wedge control (<) to scroll a little before the layer break, then play from there, to judge how good that choice of layer break will be. But that doesn't work right in The "<" control freezes (stops) at the LB and will not scroll to a prior point in the video! The double left wedge control (<<) scrolls to a point before the layer break, but then the playback is apparently incorrect. It looks like some playback glitches, things are left out or introduced, or something is very wrong here! I tried this on two different long movies (7G+) intended for burning to a DL disc, same thing. Then I reverted to, and everything is OK again with the Preview layer break feature. I burned one of those movies with and it verified OK. I haven't tried to play it yet to check how the the layer break works. However the resulting disc scanned reasonably OK with Nero CD-DVD Speed. I'm running Windows XP SP2, and used a Lite-On DH20A4P 9P59 for the above observations.
  3. I burned a DL movie OK with ImgBurn, at least it plays OK. This was with a MKM001 MIS disc which are usually good. After the burn, the new ImgBurn version opened and closed the tray as usual, but then refused to verify the burn. I recall that it said something about being unable to read the disc ID. I never encountered this with the prior version of ImgBurn in several hundred burns. Sorry that log file is unavailable because I un/reinstalled ImgBurn since then. I'm not overly concerned about it because this was only one instance, and all other burns have verified OK with the new ImgBurn version. But thought I should report it.
  4. I'm using a Lite-On burner and Nero CD-DVD Speed to quality scan my burns. Of course I use ImgBurn for burning, which only supports DVDInfoPro. Is it possible to translate that data for use with Nero CD-DVD Speed?
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