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    .ISO ?

    No, write mode. Maybe it some source of encryption that prevented them from being usable
  2. gonfshn

    .ISO ?

    I did! each time I did that I just get an exact duplicate of the same image file and not the video I'm trying to back up. I followed that guide down to the letter man!
  3. gonfshn

    .ISO ?

    OK, I have read all over the guide section and browsed through lots of old posts and can't figured out my problem. I wadded up my pride and threw it in the dumpster before I post this question. I have created an iso file using the read mode and then used the write mode to burn that file onto blank disc. What I got is a disc with the iso file on it, which is almost useless since I can't view it at all either on my puter or stand alone player. I have used the build mode also and that too created an iso file. Please help me create a usable disc! Can I do anything with the iso file to make a viewable disc? I have tried for many days to figure out how to do this on my own now and I am giving up. Please help a dummy!
  4. gonfshn


    Hey everybody! I just got the itch to start messing with saving my movies and transfer old vhs tapes to dvd this week. I downloaded imgburn, browsed through the guide forum and stuff. I needs to clarify a few things. To make a backup of the movie, I needs to copy all the files from the dvd first, creates an image from just the video_ts folder, and then burn right? About the vhs tape converting stuff. After I captures the info from the tape, do I goes through the exact same process to make a dvd? Thanks a lot.

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