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  1. I just thought I'd chime in with my $.02 as well. I agree with what gammalost said. ImgBurn is quite awesome (been using your software for a while now). The only thing I could want would be the ability to compile a CD/DVD session and burn it straight to disc (without having to first create an ISO). Since ImgBurn supports more formats that most other applications (CDBurnerXP can't build a VideoDVD, for example), I would love for it to support this functionality as well. It seems like this could be accomplished with a very simpe GUI. Just offer the ability to create data/audio/video and display a file tree where you could drop files from Explorer to. That's really it, though, I realize a lot would need to be done on the backend... I know that this is a bit beyond the scope of what you really want to accomplish with your program, but I would be willing to pay for such an application (maybe create another program that was a superset of ImgBurn that could also create the data the discs).
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